Thursday, July 3, 2014

So, how YEW doin'?

I found this interesting graph in the news this morning, accompanying a report that the US economy gained a whopping 288,000 jobs last month.

I wonder what the stories are behind those stats?

Some are easy to figure out.  We're drilling lots of oil and gas in North Dakota and Texas, so that explains those states stellar numbers.  DC's good fortune is due to the ever growing number of gubment employees and the lobbyists who own them.
Alaska's numbers are due to the film crew up there filming that fishing show.  And Colorado has their weed growers.  Oklahoma is experiencing a huge number of people buying new teeth, so the denture industry there is booming.  (It's a peer pressure thing.  That and home pregnancy test sales.)

Minnesnowta has added a couple million new folks to their always popular snow shoveling industry.  California is trying to up their image by mandating referees in their gang turf wars.  The gluten-free craze is no doubt hurting Kansas wheat growers.

Wyoming is looking rather bleak because Dick Cheney has moved back home and is now officially listed as "unemployed".  South Carolina and Florida are hurting because tourists have just noticed it's hotter 'n hell there.  Same for Arizona....times 3.  Georgia...Atlanta.  'Nuff said.

Ohio....they've filled the position for who dots the i.  Everyone else is SOL.  Michigan's numbers suck, but I predict a strong rebound as they make all those replacement parts for the 30,000,000 recalled GM cars.  And every time Brick O'Bama's ratings crater ever deeper, the Illinois tourist industry sees another drop in attendance.

And since Cranky Old Man has taken retirement to a whole new level of horizontal living, New Jersey has lost their roll model.

Bringing up the rear....Nevada.   With those long-life LED light bulbs the new big thing, all those Las Vegas strip light bulb changers are getting pink slips.  (Move over buggy whip makers.)

Who have I missed.  Help me out, please.  :)



  1. I was surprised to see NJ on the negative side. I'm going to have to take some Advil and warm up my Wal-Mart wave.

    Ohio...who dots the "I"? Love it!

  2. But all of those numbers would in the red would become green instantly if we approve the Keystone Pipeline--or so TV ads would lead you to believe. When I saw those I snorted and though, "Um, yeah, because that will add so many jobs in Michigan!"

  3. Oregon's economy continues to limp along. I'm starting to see more "help wanted" signs so that's encouraging.

  4. You forgot about Texans supporting Oklahoma gaming industry!

  5. I would think that California added some well diggers. Water wells that is.

  6. I offer no opinion on Keystone, but what brings jobs in one sector of the country can help other areas as well. Manufacturing sectors are boosted, and money tends to spread and there is a multiplying factor so I disagree AGAIN with PD. I won't get into the ecology part of the equation cause I don't really understand all the issues, but the project would be a boost to the economy.

  7. My family has ten 28 to 40 year old kids, all did have jobs and now only 3 do. The situation looks bleak for them and yes, they all have at least 4 year degrees.
    The DOW over 17,000 is big news....QE-3 has been giving banks 3 billion a month to invest ( Volcker rule on hold ). So the theory is, people holding cash will buy the stock, because it is worth a lot now and the banks can sell slowly to get their money back before the hold on the rule expires. I do like Circus Acts.

  8. The economy in Florida is limping along and verrrry slowly improving. Our subdivision which sat half-finished for years now has about ten houses in various stages of completion. Tourism has actually been good, but those jobs are typically low-paying jobs. I blame our crooked Tea-Party Governor for Florida's lag behind other states. A few years ago, he turned down federal money for a high-speed rail between Orlando and Tampa. That would have created quite a few jobs for a number of years. Alas, that money went to New York instead.

  9. Well darn it - I thought I was still in the running for that i dotting job...