Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello Monday

It was 45 years ago yesterday that the United States successfully completed its first moon shot.  For the record, my first successful moon shot predates that by about 11 years.


Speaking of mooning....what is it with Russian President Vladimir "Pootie Poo" Putin?  Why do we even sit down with him to discuss anything?  In his world lying through your teeth to get what you want is perfectly acceptable. 

Those dumb rebel bastards in Ukraine apparently don't know there are ears listening to all their radio transmissions and eyes (and cameras) watching their missile launcher, minus one missile, hot footing it back across the border into Russia.  All while Pootie Poo says, "Nope, not us.  We didn't shoot down your plane.  Nobody saw us.  You can't prove a thing." 

I thought one of the benefits of doing business with "enemies" people who we have previously been at odds with is they wouldn't dare do anything to jeopardize their newly-found mutually beneficial business relationship?  It would "civilize" them.
Apparently Vladimir Putin didn't get that memo.   He is now the official "King of Mooning".  All Hail King Poot!



  1. The next time we meet with Putin we need one of those CIA exploding pens to give him.

  2. Or maybe a poisoned Super Bowl ring since he likes pocketing those.

  3. What else should we expect from a former Soviet Union official who also happens to be the former head of the KGB? This guy is dangerous and I hope the Russian people wake up and get rid of him. He's a disaster to their economy.

  4. The best way to get rid of dangerous people is by drying up their source of revenue. I know Europe right now needs the natural gas. Why can't we seem to learn that maybe, just maybe, if we plaster everything with solar panels and pour some money into researching alternative energy, we can be the ones supplying all the energy and technology for keeping cars running and homes and factories heated or cooled.

    I know, it's not that simple. And not that quick. But still, what if the demand for oil and gas dropped to rock-bottom? Middle East: broke. Russia: broke. Oklahoma: no more fracking earthquakes. New York: no more faucet fires.

  5. A review of Russian writing for the past 150 years explains some, they've always been like this: feeling isolate, poor communication within, that they are 'different', and at odds with the rest of the world. They simply don't see things like we do.
    The vast majority of Russians won't be affected severely by economic sanctions; they already live in near poverty. The one's effected will be the oligarchs, the ultra-rich. It might make some changes there, but we have no idea which way that will go. It's a crapshoot.

  6. What the heck is our drone science good for if it can't take down one tiny Russian dictator with a Napoleon complex?

  7. This may not be what we are told it is. Putin is not the only bad character and he may not be bad at all. Trust No One