Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hump Day brain musings

I read in the newspaper yesterday that a Navy nurse at Guantanamo, Cuba is refusing to participate in the force-feeding of an Islamic detainee who is on a hunger strike.

The concept of a hunger strike makes no sense to me.  If it's some sort of protest, how does dying of self-induced starvation make you the big winner?  

"Ha!  I'm dead, but you're still alive.  I WIN!"

That might make sense in the eastern mind, but to my western mind it just sounds stupid.  If you're dumb enough to refuse the food offered you, especially since it's prepared in accordance with the sensitivities of your culture, well....then say "hey" to Allah for me.

So does this make me....what do the shrinks call it?...."passive aggressive"?


For the past several weeks all the sports news has been about nothing but the World Cup, ad nauseum.  I kept watching all those string-bean soccer players and wondering how they would physically compare with American football players, or even more of a mis-match, with English rugby players?

Ever wonder how those rugby guys get those big, powerful legs?

It's due to off season training like this....doing ONE LEG squats with about a half-ton of weights.  (That's pretty impressive.  I personally couldn't roll that much weight downhill with a tail wind.)

Let's review:

World-class soccer player

English rugby player

I'm getting a visual

I think I answered my own question.  :)


In this morning's email I received from Living Social (like Groupon) an offer to take a discounted stripper class.

I forwarded it on to K, with an offer of a full scholarship.  So far she hasn't said "no".  *Ha!  Not gonna happen*  :)



  1. Spot on with the hunger strike. Dead wrong on Soccer. They play 90 minutes virtually no breaks, almost no substitutions, they bang heads, get kicked and bumped, they are plenty tough. Are they as big and strong as rugby and football players? No! It is a different sport, different game. I wonder how those rugby players would do as jockeys? I'll bet they would not win a single race. And they would probably be scared crap-less of those huge animals. Soccer / rugby...apples / lobster.

    1. Rugby players play 80 minutes with NO time outs, NO substitutions, NO pads, full contact. If they get hurt the trainers come out on the field to tend to them WHILE THE GAME GOES ON AROUND THEM. Only if they have to take them off via stretcher does play stop. You're right about soccer players being in very good shape, especially cardio. But they just look so fragile compared to football/rugby guys. To me getting "kicked and bumped" isn't the same as getting body slammed. Course, if I was of the appropriate age I'd play soccer, too. "Bumped" hurts a lot less than "slammed". :)

  2. Oh, and it will be 4 years before I watch my next soccer game.

  3. I'm not big on turning down food, but Guantanamo prison really needs to be shut down. It's a recruiting tool for our enemies and it should be deemed un-American to incarcerate people forever without charging them with crimes. That said, maybe these prisoners would feel more content if they could watch strippers practicing.

  4. Hunger strikes worked pretty well for Gandhi.

  5. That stripper dancer looks like she has pretty powerful legs, too!

  6. Wow. A $30 discount on an exotic dancing class for "everyday women." Interesting the email lists you must be on.

  7. #COYS #SaintsNation #Northampton

    Oh how I miss you so and look forward to September 5th. Dylan, Alex, Ethan, James, Jamie, Courtney, Jim and all the rest of the lads. Rest up boys. Train hard. We have a couple of Championships to defend. Oh and by the way....Aviva Premiership season runs from September to May - with a few extra tournaments thrown in for good measure.

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