Thursday, May 11, 2017

Careful which horse you hitch your wagon to

Another day, another head-shaking, eye-rolling, LOL revelation surfaces in Washington, DC.  I must hand it to the Republicans....when they throw a scandal, they throw a doozie!  Take notes Democrats.  You're up next, and we don't want any lame "theft of government office supplies" crap.  Where's the fun in that?

Prez Trump fires the FBI Director, fired Acting Atty General Sally Yates said she drew them a picture of who was caught with their pants down (figuratively speaking), Flynn did this, Russia did that...*sigh*...this is a circus!

What I can't figure out is why virtually every House and Senate Republican is doing all he/she can to stonewall any investigation into what the Russians might have had to do with our recent elections and the Trump campaign?  There may not be any felonious flames visible, but there is enough smoke to be seen from outer space!

Meanwhile, virtually every Democrat is calling for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed to pursue a non-partisan investigation.  The Dems feel (probably with some justification) that Congressional Committees chaired by Republicans will just give Trump a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.   They also know the Republicans will never give them control of any investigation (I don't blame them), and a Special Prosecutor is likely the only way to honestly find out WTH is going on.

If I was a Congressional Republican I would commit suicide welcome the opportunity to get myself out of all this Russia/Trump mess.  I would just say there was too much People's business to do to waste any more time on this sideshow.  Let a Special Prosecutor take it and run with it and see where it goes, if anywhere.  But they for some reason just keep doubling down and saying they can handle it in Congress, no Special Prosecutor, no no NO!

Where is the upside to defending Trump?  If he gets run out of town, they get the plastic white haired guy.  And if Trump survives, he'll be too toxic to associate with.



  1. As you correctly observe, a special prosecutor would be the perfect "out" for the Republicans to extricate themselves. They could just throw up their hands and say the system took over.

  2. It would be easiest if like Nixon, Trump resigned before impeachment.

  3. I think we've vastly underestimated Trump, and he has a vague plan to radically change our government. I'm guessing we'll have more of a Russian-type oligarchy in two years than the semi-democracy we have now. We're already arresting press that ask questions, we're already shrugging and saying 'ok' when our president says he's not answerable to law, we're agreeing to his dictatorship.
    We've got at least 24 million people out there, in our country, who are ready to put on brown shirts and march, expelling Jews and anyone else not fitting their vision of 'America'.
    This isn't my country anymore. I'm a foreigner, I guess waiting to be discovered.