Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"

The bastards have done it again.  I'll take the ISIS communique at face value and say "a soldier of ISIS" has blown up himself and 22 others (and counting) outside a Manchester, England music concert.  The victims are likely to be mainly young people.

By all accounts the UK police, intelligence services, and counter-terrorist units are world class.  The coming investigation will likely not find they were asleep at the wheel when this happened.  Fact is, there are just far too many sicko's among us, and not enough law enforcement to watch them all.  That applies to France, Germany, Belgium, and the US, too.

Yes, us, too.  We've seen less terrorism than our European friends probably because we are farther removed geographically from the huge discontented population groups they have there.  But that doesn't mean we don't have any of their problems here.  We have sicko Islamist malcontents, nut-job white supremacists, and warped religious zealots of all kinds.  What happened there will...WILL...happen here.

A country as large, as populous, and diverse as ours has too many soft (largely indefensible) targets.  Eventually one of these fringe groups will attack here, too.  But before you freak out and pull the covers over your head, think of the odds you will be a victim.  If an attack someday kills 20 people here, then the odds are only 1 in 16,000,000 you will be one of them.  If you don't like those odds, then don't drive a car, ride a motorcycle or bicycle, or even walk and chew gum.
Just be aware of what's happening around you, know where doors are if you're out on the town, etc.  Hopefully this is what you normally do anyway.  If you know someone who seems to show a major change in attitude, seeming to be sympathetic to a fringe, violent group, don't ignore the signs.  Call your police and tell them of your concern.  

But by all means, go about your daily business.  Enjoy every day, work hard, play hard, and have fun. And may I suggest saying a prayer for our brothers in Manchester.



  1. To be honest, I think the reaction of Trump and his people to the attack was "Excellent!", because it plays into the mindset they want in the American people: fear. Fear foreigners, fear muslims, fear anyone not like you and me (white people). This attack advances their agenda.
    Your advise is sound, add to it don't let it make you fear 'the other'.

  2. One of my former bosses at the old engineering firm is originally from Manchester. It really hit close to home for him.

    Sickos, yes, that's what they are.