Friday, September 27, 2013

Big Tex rides again, just as the Tea Party fades into the sunset

The "Great State Fair of Texas" opens this weekend, and you know what that's gonna rain!  That little squirrel in Pennsylvania has nothing on Big Tex's ability to predict the weather.  Lows in the 60's with a 90% chance of rain Saturday night.  I need the 60's, and we need the rain.  :)

To bring you up to speed, Big Tex was the huge talking statue that stood at the entry to the fair grounds for decades.  He was dressed up in western duds (I always thought it was rather cheesy) and was revered by many.  At last year's fair he caught fire, the motor that made his mouth move malfunctioning:

Looks like he had a rather serious crotch issue, too.

But all is right again.  More money was raised and now the new Big Tex has been unveiled:

Gotta keep the rednecks happy!


I'm shocked!  Absolutely shocked.  New Jersey Senate candidate Corey Booker is in hot water because of Tweets he exchanged with a stripper at a vegan men's club.  

This just boggles my mind....imagine, a vegan strip joint!  


I honestly believe the Tea Party Republicans have suicidal tendencies.  Yesterday their lackey, House Speaker John Boner, actually said, "We will refrain from deliberately sabotaging the global economy if President Obama:

1.  Allows more drilling on Federal lands.  (OK)

2.  Drops regulations on greenhouse gasses  (*GASP....WHEEZE*  sure, we need more greenhouse gasses, right?)

3.  Builds the Keystone XL pipeline.  (Surely we can find a way to do it safely)

4.  Stops paying for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  (All for screwing the public, raise your hand  *their Big Banker buddies really hate that one* ) 

5.  Makes it harder to sue for medical malpractice  (Fair enough)


6.  Halts health care reform for a year.  (Umm....why not just try reforming health care reform starting right now?)

This is an agenda for absolute disaster....for the Tea Party.  Hmm....come to think of it, go ahead.  Good riddance.

Happy weekend everyone.  :)



  1. I am so sick of Republicans manufacturing these crises. Now they're holding the government and even military families hostage just because of their stupid obsession about repealing Obamacare. If the people wanted Obamacare gone they wouldn't have reelected Obama. Just deal with it and get a life already. Shame on guys like Boner for going along with it just because they're a-skeered of a primary challenge that would lead to another Tea Party candidate losing in the general election.

  2. I agree with Pat. The problem is that The Tea Part doesn't believe in government at all and wants to limit it as much as possible, unless a big disaster happens in their districts and then they want Federal relief. Aid is okay for Katrina victims in the South but most of these jerks voted against it for Northeast victims of Sandy.

  3. Your Big Tex caught on fire - our Touchdown Jesus caught on fire... I think God is trying to tell us something :)

    I have a friend (actually several) who are now really counting on the Affordable Care Act. It would be really sad if their ability to get health care went down the tubes...

  4. The Tea Partyers keep saying the people don't want Obamacare. Why don't they admit that they don't understand it. Mainly because of the lies told by the Tea Partyers and their friends at Fox News. Lordy, I just never seen the like. (As Big Tex might say.)

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  6. The Tea Party isn't afraid that health insurance reform (I just can't bring myself so say "Obamacare") is bad for the people. It is afraid that people will like it and Obama might get credit for it.

    LOL at Big Tex' "crotch issue." You put it so delicately!

    Vegan strip club, huh? No meat in there?

    *Previous comment deleted due to typo.*

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