Friday, November 22, 2013

A really REALLY bad idea....

And you thought YOUR son-in-law was a dud!*  It seems a 25-year-old woman named "Star"....just she and the notorious 79-year-old mass murderer Charles Manson will soon be tying the knot.  "Hey, mom and dad....guess who's coming for dinner?"

Manson apparently sees things a bit differently, saying, "Who?"

I understand the FAA is considering....considering....letting people make cell phone calls from aircraft flying above 10,000 feet.  As if chatty seat mates and crying kids aren't bad enough, now we might have to listen to people yap gate to gate?  NOoooooooo!

I wonder who got fired for this one?:  A bank in Oklahoma City sponsored a promotion whereby a lucky fan at their NBA Oklahoma City....umm....Kemo Sabe's (?) could win $20,000 if they sank a half-court shot at halftime.  Two fans did it just this week....five so far this season.  "I told you we should have just given out those little red windshield ice scrapers with our name on them."

And finally, "Why don't we stop and visit with that semi-homeless looking self-professed Kennedy assassination expert over there on the grassy knoll?  Why does he have that stack of $2 newspaper reprints  labeled 'Today Only....$20'?  He does seem to have quite a captive audience [backed into a corner].  Oh come on....what can it hurt?"

Have a great weekend everyone!  Stay warm.


*  Not mine.  Mine are super-great guys!  :)


  1. The authorities just might want to keep an eye on Star.

  2. Star looks intelligent and is probably penning a book based on her experiences with this monster.

  3. Well this post is just chock full of good stuff! People are very strange. Sometimes they want to listen to nuts on a hill & sometimes they want to marry them...

  4. I'm already practicing my dirty look in case I ever end up with a cell phone addict in the seat next to me.

  5. This Star item is probably just a way to show how a mind control sociopath looks at 79. Look at this, not that the markets are at an all time high, with the help of 85 Billion dollars of phony money QE-3, or that under employment is at an all time high. I got two emails this week suggesting I invest in the booming market that will hit 24000 before it turns South. What are people smoking these days?