Friday, November 15, 2013

Those crazy Brits seem to get all the best news stories....

I've really got to hand it to the Brits....they have a 'nose' for finding REAL news stories.  While US journalists are following up on silly stories about Secret Service agents who can't keep their pants on, the BBC gets the scoop on hard-hitting stories like this:

Red Square Naked Man Faces Charges

A naked performance artist who nailed his scrotum to Red Square as a political protest may face up to five years in prison.

Or this:

An al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group in Syria is reported to have asked for forgiveness after beheading a fellow rebel (L) in a case of mistaken identity.

And not far behind are the German media.  Today they featured a story titled, Five Reasons Stupid People Make More Money Than You.

1.  Beginning life with a healthy trust fund opens lots of doors, even for idiots.  ESPECIALLY for idiots.

2.  Beautiful, tall people will make $230,000 more during their working life.

3.  Men who score low on the "agreeableness" scale make 18% more than their more pleasant colleagues.  (Five percent more for snarky women.)

4.  "Brown nosers" win big.

and 5.  God apparently loves really stupid people judging by the way He bestows excessive "luck" on them.

So today I've learned I apparently come from the loins of indentured servants, am uglier (and shorter) than Danny Devito, am far too nice, have no concept of "sucking up", and couldn't hit the floor if I fell off a barstool.
Now that right there is some damn fine journalism.  It explains a lot.  ;)



  1. If I was going to protest something, I think I would go with carrying a sign...that scrotum thing...not so much.

  2. That guy who nailed his scrotum to Red Square is just plain nuts. Well, maybe not anymore.

  3. The guy in Red Square was naked? Didn't he know it is cold in Moscow already?