Thursday, November 14, 2013

I need a gift certificate to the $6,000,000 Man's parts bin....

Remember the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man?  It was about a guy who was almost killed in a horrible crash, but was rebuilt with artificial body parts.  I need about an hour to scrounge through their parts bin.

A couple weeks ago I had a painful inflammatory problem with my right foot, so my doctor gave me Admenntieosnfkeongweojnsdoiekns (sp?), which fixed me right up.  But now I found out it's giving me an ulcer.  WTH??

The stuff deemed "the best" inflammatory med is also one of "the worst" for my gut.  Side effects suck.  Oh well, I now have my friend / client / gastroenterologist "on ze case".  


Have you heard of the social media site called Snapchat?  Apparently it enables you to take a picture, send it to a friend where he/she can view it, and then it promptly disappears.  Pfffftt....gone, sort of a 21st Century flash paper like they used on Mission Impossible.

It seems the two 20-something-year-old guys working out of a beach bungalow in Venice Beach, CA who own it HAVE TURNED DOWN FACEBOOK'S $3 BILLION OFFER TO BUY THEM OUT.  They turned DOWN three BILLION dollars!

I would have been strolling the grounds of my Lake Como estate by now.  But that's just me.  :)


This makes me feel really good....

There was a photo gallery in this morning's online news showing our US military bringing in food/water/meds/supplies to the Philippines as fast as their planes can land.  I only hope the rest of the First World is doing their part, too, to lend a hand.  

I see the suffering there and realize how insignificant my silly swollen foot issue is.  Maybe I'd better just shut up and be grateful for whatever comes my way.

Have a good day everyone.  :)



  1. Yesterday in the cafeteria these two ladies were talking about how they were "starving" while Headline News was showing the Phillippines in the background. #firstworldproblems

    From a business standpoint I can see why they might have turned down that $3 billion. Some reports have indicated young people are flocking to Twitter and Snapchat instead of Facebook (which is probably why Facebook wanted them) so an even bigger deal might be in their future--at least until the fickle kids turn somewhere even "cooler" and then they might regret not taking Zuckerberg's money.

  2. With inflation I think the 6 million dollar man might be about 600 million today.

  3. Damn, if that web site is worth 6 billion dollars then the 6 million dollar man must be 60 billion dollars today.

  4. I know I've already mentioned it but you might want to talk to your doctor about Allopurinol. I've been on it for years, it's cheap and I've had no side effects. I also haven't had a gout attack in over fifteen years.

  5. THREE BILLION DOLLARS??? Boy, I could buy a lot of cameras with that!

    It, too, makes me proud how quick Americans are there to help when such a disaster strikes. We always hear about how other countries criticize us, but I recently read an article in the German newspaper that talked about how fast and efficient Americans organize help in crises like these. And yes, other countries are helping, too. They interviewed a team of German doctors and nurses that arrived there right after the typhoon went through. After I read about the nurse describing the situation and all the difficulties encountered just trying to help the sick and wounded, anything that bothered me just seemed so minor and trivial.

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