Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's like losing a bet all over again watching the instant replay. DUH!

Every night the news is filled with the latest efforts of US SecState Kerry and other world diplomats as they try to start talks with Vladimir "Pootie Pooh" Putin on securing the return of Crimea back to Ukraine.

Look...a booger!

These people must be a very special variety of stupid!  Russia now "owns" Crimea, its troops are dug in, and it isn't going anywhere.  And we can't make it.  We need to quit beating our heads against the wall and face it.

Trouble is, this is the first....the second actually after Russia's little foray into Georgia back in '08....of many upcoming moves by Putin to reconstitute Russia's old empire. He telegraphed it back in 2012 upon his return to power as President.

At that time he told Russian industry / banking leaders (the oligarchs) "Owning assets outside Russia makes you too vulnerable to moves by foreign governments.  It's time to bring your wealth home."  Hello!  He wanted to make Russia "sanction proof".  This whole Crimean crisis, and the ones soon to come, are all premeditated.

Pootie Pooh is an unreconstructed KGBer.  All he knows how to do is step on people's throat to get them to do what he wants.  He once declared the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geo-political catastrophy of the 20th Century.  He wants Russia's empire back.  

All the former USSR republics are now on notice....close ranks with Russia and you'll be left alone.  Step out of line and there can always be excuses found to invade "for the good of the people."  *Ha!  He cracks me up some times!*

We really should make a game of this.  "Who will be he next two-bit Russian neighbor to feel Putin's wrath?"  There's money to be made here Vegas!



  1. The man is scarry. I don't think he'll survive a long time. There is a lot of Stalin in him and one of his Buds will feel some heat and take him out before he takes out his bud. Just my two cents.

  2. He has very correctly figured that no one wants to start WWIII over something like the Crimea. Come on most Americans couldn't even find it on a map let alone care about it. But like Hitler he's going to eventually get too greedy and then the pooh's going to hit the fan.

  3. Unfortunately, Putin has outplayed us and Crimea is his for the taking no matter how much we object. Europe is dependent on Russian gas and will do what they always do---sit on their hands.

  4. It seems there is not much we could do beyond starting a war over this which is clearly not in anyone's interest. If this is so, I wish we would stop blustering, it only makes us look weak and foolish. Talk behind the scenes ( which is probably being done) not in the news.

    And no, I have no idea where Crimea is.

  5. I think saying Putin has outplayed us is like complaining about a chess match where you start out with no queen, knights or rooks. There was never a level playing field.

  6. I've always been able to point to Crimea on a world map, but I don't know what can be done in this situation, or what could have been done to prevent it.