Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cars and Coffee, March, 2014

The morning started out cool and cloudy, but quickly warmed up when the sun came out.  The locals seemed to be grateful for the nice weather as this was the largest turnout I think I've EVER seen at C&C.  My friend Neil and I met up around 7:30 and were amazed by the crowd.  Every parking spot was taken and they were double parking the overflow in the lanes.

Right as I walked in the Sports Car Club of America had set up their recruiting table.  Tempting!

I'm just not sure my 'lil Audi would fit in among that crowd.  But If I just had a proper sports car, like this Jaguar F-Type....  :)

 While I'm not all that enamored with Lotus cars, I'm awed by the camaraderie shown by the Lotus Owners Club.  They turn up en mass at every show.  Kudos! 

And this group was impressive, too.  I've never seen such a large collection of pristine Honda S-2000's.  Whatdaya think?  Screaming Yellow, or....

....a more sinister looking (think Texas Tech) Scarlet and Black?

The VeeDub Club was well represented today, too.  I've always been a fan of the little Karmann Ghia, and this was a fine one....with one picky flaw.  Why the Porsche wheels?  

And I don't think I've ever seen a nicer VW Beetle Cabriolet than this.  The headlight visors were a nice touch.

It just goes to show it doesn't have to be a muscle car or a European exotic to be "cool".

This one needs a little narration:  There's a growing movement among car guys to collect old derelicts and get them running again.  Many are highly modified / souped up and are known as "Rat Rods".  This piece of crap is a prime example.  OH!  NOW I GET IT!  Now I understand why they call it a "movement".  *wink*

Let's just jump from the absurd to the ridiculous in this ridiculously desirable "La Ferrari".

The way the Italians can sculpt metal is just sublime.

Erotic even.  *sigh*

I'm generally not a fan of Nissan GT-R's, but this one I liked.

The owner had a fun sense of humor, exemplified by this little bumble bee thingy that was perched on the rear wing.  I have no Idea why it was there, but I liked it.

Even the license plate was funky...."Lunatik".  Ha!

Oh, and by the way....this is Luna.  (No, really  ;)

After visiting with Luna for a while Neil eventually regained his composure enough to declare this Toyota Supra his favorite of the day.   (OK, you can stop smiling now, Neil.)

Decisions, decisions.  Which to cruise 'round town in today?  My Aston Martin, my Alfa Romeo GTV, or my Alfa Romeo Montreal? 

I think I'll go with the GTV.  A very nice example, this.

Anyone remember the old Ford Woody wagon?  Here's someone's version of an Audi R8 Woody.  (Dude....the Woody died for a reason.  It needs to stay dead!  Just sayin'.)

So THIS is how the other half lived.  A MB 190.  :)

Anyone reading this old enough to remember the '56 Cheeeeevy?  What a gorgeous deep purple!

And it extends to the interior, too.  While not exactly stock, I didn't hear anyone complaining.

Anyone from the land of escargot and stinky cheese?....Your Citroen SM is waiting.

This English Triumph TR-6....

....and its baby brother, the English Triumph Spitfire....

....and this English Bulldog who was also taking in today's C&C reminded me of my friend "Big Joe" Hagy ( ^ the resemblance is striking :) and his pining for some pics of his first car....

....the quintessentially English MGA.

And boy did I find him a beauty!

Such a beauty, in fact, I'm naming it my personal Favorite Of The Day.

Finally, let me leave you with this short video of the Ferrari Formula One team changing tires at a routine pit stop.  Think you could top their 4-tire change in 1.8 seconds?

That was Cars and Coffee, March, 2014.  Hope you enjoyed.  :)



  1. Is Neil smiling at Luna? She provides much to smile about.

    1. Let's put it this way. Like me, "He's old, but he's not cold." :)

  2. Love the car show and I envy the LUNATIK meeting. Thanks a whole lot!

  3. I want a beetle! The Bug should have a beetle, right? That was the best thing about my Aunt Lila taking me to school when I was a kid - I got to ride in her VW Bug :)

  4. Great show as usual. Many thanks for the MGA, a beauty indeed! Also love the Karmann Ghia. The Porsche wheels makes sense, he designed the Karmann.

  5. Another C&C super post. Thanks.

  6. Old enough to remember the 56 chevies, and your photo is a 55. Still, stunning array.

    1. How can you tell? I thought it was the tail lights. Whatever, it's very subtle.

    2. chrome pattern. google 55 and 56 chevy and select image. the 56 had long spike running to the front. Most of them at the time were two tone which made it very dramatic and easy to spot. Fords, Buicks, DeSotos, Pontiacs and several other makes went for the dramatic two tone models around then.

  7. Great pics! I'd like the Beetle, too. The one in red, not the brown! And Luna's t-shirt, please.

  8. I desperately want that purple car! Kudos to those who worked to make it look superb! Well, it reminds me of the customized cars that I’ve seen last month. Hehe! Kidding aside, thanks for sharing these photos. I hope the owners of the cars are taking good care of them. Proper maintenance and proper repair is, indeed, highly recommended. :)

    Ron Campbell