Saturday, March 29, 2014

They call me "The Hangin' Judge"

Do I have the most inconsiderate neighbors in the world or is this common everywhere else, too?

At the other end of that leash is a dog owner looking around to see if anyone was watching their dog poop.  If they think not, they can't leave the scene of the crime fast enough.

Listen up people:  There are many facets to responsible dog ownership.  You need to love them and give them attention.  You need to feed them healthy food.  You need to give them plenty of water. You need to see to it they get regular medical care.  

You need to kept them clean.  You need to provide them shelter from extreme weather.  You need to keep control of them.  AND YOU NEED TO PICK UP THEIR CRAP WHEN THEY DEPOSIT IT ALL OVER THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  

If you can't live up to any one of those responsibilities, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A DOG!

This morning when I was walking Luke the Wonder Dog I saw a lady standing there while her dog was offloading last night's dinner.  Obviously she didn't see me, because as soon as her pooch finished she hustled off leaving the mess where it lay.

After a few steps we made eye contact (she was still a half block away) and I raised up a little "poopie bag" (available free from dispensers positioned on every street corner) and waved it.  She looked away and scooted off double time.

Grrrrr!  They need to put me in charge for a while.  I'd shape them up!

 "Enjoy your weekend, Ma'am."

Good dog. :)



  1. Best gizmo I've found for no touch clean up. It really works.

  2. Germany also provides plastic bag dispensers and cans where dog s**t can be disposed off. Sometimes I think Germans love their dog more than their kids. Probably a good thing.

  3. Years ago it was common place to step in dog shit, and we never even complained about owners not picking up...kind of like smoking on an airplane, we just put up with stuff because we did not know any better, we also just hurled trash out of cars and it was no big deal...I was guilty of all of these things at one time or another. Now it is rare to step in dog crap, that is a good thing, but apparently there are still people that think it is ok for you to step in it, but very gross and inconvenient for them to scoop it up.

    They should not be allowed to own a dog.

  4. I couldn't agree with you more--people should clean up after their dogs. I read an article that reported six hundred people a year in Paris go to the hospital because of slipping on dog poop. The French are worse about picking up after their pets than we are.

  5. We've had an occasional incident when other people's dogs have left their poop on our lawn. I've been tempted to run out, pick it up, follow them home, and put in on their front step. "You forgot something."

    I have a LOOK I've refined. The other day, I was in the bathroom of a fancy department store and an employee came out of the stall and headed for the door. She was halfway out the door when my LOOK made her turn around and stop by the sink to wash her hands.

    Really, I should be Secretary of State. Let me give Putin the LOOK...

  6. I thought it was just Miami that had horrible dog owners. Definitely the worst of anywhere I've ever lived. It brings out a desire to mess up the people.