Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just kickin' back....

For once I have nothing bad to say about our Texas weather.  Nothing at all.  Right now it's perfect!  Saturday was one of those Chamber of Commerce days where promises of....well....anything wouldn't be enough to coax you back inside.

Yesterday was the first arts festival of the year, and as luck would have it it was just a couple miles up the road from us in beautiful downtown Frisco.

It wasn't a big show at all, nor was it even a judged show, but it was a show.  And as we haven't been to one in 6 months,  I'll take it.  The morning began sweater cool, but it quickly warmed up into the low 70's.  Here is K holding Luke the Wonder Dog, who for a while became an unwitting therapy dog. 

All day long people were trooping over to visit with K and The Lukester.  Pay attention single guys....little dogs are a chick magnet!  (Don't worry, I had them both on a short leash  :)

The setting was our downtown City Hall plaza.  This little country (?) town has blossomed in just a decade from this... this.  

Fifteen years ago our city fathers hustled themselves a giant shopping mall, which is today the city's sales-tax-producing cash cow, enabling us to build ourselves monuments like this opulent City Hall / Library complex.  (Unfortunately many of our residents have let their heads grow to match our city hall's proportions, too.)

We didn't buy anything because the things that appealed to me / us all cost up into four figures.  Ouch!  Instead we pooled our liquid assets and drove over to Hook, Line, and Sinker for some....umm....

....liquid assets.  And some shrimp, catfish, hush puppies, and fries, too.

In the coming weeks we have more art shows in Deep Ellum, Southlake, Foat Wuth, and Cottonwood.  And I'll probably sneak in a Cars and Coffee, also.  

Springtime in Texas is pretty sweet.  Just wish it could last longer.  :)



  1. Yes, the town is fine . . but that LUNCH! Yummmmmm!!!

  2. Still waiting up here for 70 degrees. I don't hate the winter, but I've had enough. Lunch does look good.

  3. Enjoyed the post as much as you are enjoying the weather.

  4. While you're wishing your Texas Spring would last longer I just wish it would arrive here in Oregon. That's a great pic of K and Luke.

  5. Stephen already said it - a gorgeous picture of K and Luke! Lunch looks good, too. And that sky is definitely the chamber-of-commerce blue.