Thursday, June 29, 2017

And Donald...may I call you Donald?...I've always admired your fine head of hair, too

It seems our intelligence guys are getting quite put out with Prez Trump for not taking Russian cyber-warfare against America seriously enough.  They say Donnie John seems to think any time "Russia" is mentioned it's a slap at him personally, as if he's President ONLY because Russia and Vladimir Putin helped him over the finish line.

He just can't understand that Russia would have been meddling in our election even if the candidates had been Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio.  Russia's goal is simple:  To do anything they can to discredit us and cause chaos in America.  They know they'll NEVER be able to match our level of national success, so they're trying to tear us down to their level of national mediocrity.  Our electoral process, our economy, our financial and transportation systems and more....all are considered fair targets to Russia.  Why?  Because Putin wants to see his Russia back at the top as a world power alongside the US, as they were before the USSR collapsed, even if "the top" is a much lower summit.  He's an unrepentant Totalitarian.

Yes, Russia has some cool new planes and tanks the experts say are top shelf, but Russia is broke, and they can't afford to buy many of either.  They can threaten their immediate neighbors in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, maybe Poland, etc, but they can't project traditional military power overseas.  What they CAN do, however, is cyber-attack us.  They're world leaders in practically NOTHING except cyber-warfare (and maybe cheap rot-gut vodka consumption).  That's an "arms" race they can fight and perhaps win if, let's call him by his name....President Donald J. Trump doesn't wake up.

You ARE the President Mr. Trump.  You won it fair and square, and Hillary lost.  Congratulations!  But understand, Vladimir Putin didn't care which of you won so long as America tied itself in a knot arguing about it for months and years to come. 




  1. Looking at the GOP's "health care plan" our government has become as much of an oligarchy as Russia's.

  2. Hey! Let's not pick on cheap, rotgut vodka. It's what keeps me going, Russian or otherwise.

  3. "You won it fair and square..." may be a bit premature. That is, if Mueller finds collusion.

  4. I can't disagree with anything you've written.

  5. Trump doesn't have time to deal with this. He's too busy tweeting about female blood.