Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sorry to burst your bubble, but....

"You, go get more lipstick....lots of it.  We'll need to spiff up this pig if we have any hope of pimping it to the American people."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a dozen or so of his hand picked buddies locked in a back room as I write, trying to put together a new healthcare bill they can ram down our throats before we wake up.  When asked by some in his own party when they could see the bill, and how long they would have to review it before a vote was called, he said "a day".  Geez....what a railroad job!

"But....but....ObamaCare....the Democrats foisted that pile on us back in '10.  They...."  I don't care.  All I care about is now.  "Two wrongs don't make a right", as my mama used to say.  Truth is, they don't even care about healthcare.  Their goal is to gut healthcare so as to save enough money to fund their beloved giant tax cut.  That's it, bottom line.

Anyone who thinks they can put together a plan that will preserve the "pre-existing condition" and "no lifetime cap" provisions that everyone seems to like about ObamaCare, while giving us equal or better coverage, with equal or lower deductibles and co-pays, all for dramatically lower premiums, is delusional!  Nothing is free!

Everyone seems to think you have to either back ObamaCare or a derivative, or the Republican alternative.  That's it....pick one.  Both sides are just tippy-toeing around the fact that any meaningful change will require some seriously major changes, changes likely to step on the toes of some extreeeeemly powerful, wealthy interests who want to prevent that at all costs.  Until they are willing to piss off some of these special interests, nothing will change.  And politicians simply don't piss off those who are pulling their strings.  Never.



  1. The Democrats had countless public meetings in 2009 and included nearly a hundred Republican proposals, and in the end didn't get a single Republican vote. The Republicans are squawking over the lack of Democratic participation, but so far Democrats haven't been invited to the table.

  2. The Republicans didn't vote for the Democratic bill because they would have had to step on their special interest's toes, And the Democrats won't vote for the Republican bill because all the changes are detrimental to their constituents. And believe it or not, they BOTH have a substantial overlap of special interests they have to keep happy. Unless enough of either/both parties are willing to stand up to the pharmaceutical lobby, the insurance lobby, the hospital lobby, etc, nothing will change. All we'll get are simply a rearrangement of the crumbs on the periphery.

  3. Your response to Stephen said in part what I was going to say: "special interests" translates into big pharma, big insurance, the hospital industry, etc. No matter how it is stirred, true health care won't happen until the special interest is excluded and they aren't about to let that happen. Too much profit to lose.

  4. Yet they keep getting elected...why???

    1. Beats me. I never vote for an incumbent.