Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do I dare hope?....and a good Thursday giggle, too.

While we can argue until the cows come home about the causes of climate change, I think we can all agree the climate IS changing.  Unless you've been holed up in mama's basement since the Clinton administration without access to a window, you know something isn't right.

Right now, for example, it's already hot and dry....very the west.  The weatherguessers say the wildfire season might start early; the ingredients are already in place.

And right here where I am near Dallas the temps are dropping like a rock, with wind chills expected to be in the upper-teens on Friday morning.  It could be worse*....our cold goes right up America's mid-section bringing record snows further north on May 1!  What the....?  And for those in the south and the's flooding.

     *I'm not complaining.  I can always slip on jeans and a jacket and be toasty.  I'm lovin' this last bit of cool weather!

Always trying to put lipstick on a pig, here's what I'm selfishly hoping for:  Where Texas summers are usually unbearably HOT (all caps), I'm hoping this summer might be abnormally cool.  This would be right in character with the upside-down weather we've had recently.  Do I dare hope?


Have y'all seen this new Kmart ad announcing their free shipping?  To some it's offensive, to me it's just freakin' hilarious.  You decide:

With that, I'll let you get on with your business.  ;)



  1. It's supposed to be 75 at least in Michigan today and yesterday it was in the 80s. A couple weeks ago it was still topping out in the high 40s. The weather is all messed up.

  2. The climate is changing?...imagine that.

  3. Funny video. As for climate change being real, I recently flew over Greenland and I remember (not so long ago) when it was covered in ice and snow. All thawed now. It won't be long before the North Pole is free of ice (2050 by most estimates) and cities on the coast are screwed.

  4. Loved the video. I wonder if they know about 'shitting the bed' being slang for dying? I just shipped my bed...

    The weather here has been a bit unpredictable as well. Maybe the northern and southern hemispheres are about to pull a fast one and switch it up. Then the US would have cold days in July?

    1. Hi Pixie. Thanks for visiting. Slang for dying? I'm guessing they had no idea. Me either.


  5. I've seen the video and wondered if it was a real ad (I don't watch much TV, so I might have just missed it). My guess is someone in the marketing department got fired.

  6. Oh that's just absolutely hilarious! I have no idea why people get so upset - drives me crazy.

  7. We're all really just a bunch of eight year olds, aren't we! I laughed so much at that commercial.

  8. Our weather at the beginning of the week was still in the 40s-50s but it's now where it should be - in the mid 60s to high 70s. I like it.

    Funny ad. Some folks just don't like to hear cussing or sound alike works used in the same context. They can just ship themselves elsewhere :-)