Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today's rant....

My nemesis, passwords, have reared their ugly head again.  This morning my inbox was loaded with receipts, "notes about my new service", etc, from Verizon.  (This week we moved some service K had with AT&T and bundled it with my Verizon service.)

"Go to 'My Verizon' to see this valuable information.""enter your phone number and password".

Issue #1:  They don't want my "phone number" phone number.  No, they want the phone number for my tablet WHICH IS NOT A PHONE!  Why does a device that isn't a phone have a phone number?  That's how my account is listed in their system, they say.  Well, it's YOUR system, YOU figure out my tablet's phone number.  I have no idea.  I don't ever call it BECAUSE IT ISN'T A PHONE.

Issue #2:  Security experts universally say to NOT use the same password over and over.  I can understand that.  But I have accounts for multiple bank accounts, multiple utility accounts, newspapers, magazines, on and on.  How am I supposed to keep up with which account has which password?  Write 'em on a piece pf paper and keep it in my wallet?  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of security passwords?

You get one try at entering your password.  Botch it and your account is "locked down".  Now you have to call their 800 number and press 1 for this and 2 for that before they'll send you a new temporary password that you must change within 24 hours.

Hey assholes, YOU emailed ME.  I'm not phishing in your system looking for customer account info.  You have something to say to me, JUST SAY IT!  




  1. I went through exactly the same thing with my verizon service for my samsung tablet. Duh!

  2. I know it's wrong and I may come to regret it, but I use one password for everything. My password is an obscure thirteenth century painter that no one has heard of so I'm hoping I'm okay, but I couldn't possibly remember multiple passwords. I have difficulty remembering my Social Security number.

  3. Hah - you sound just like my boss!

  4. I thwart hackers by not having any money or good credit, therefore there's nothing for them to steal.

  5. ARRR!! I hate that password crap! I also try to use the same password for everything.