Saturday, May 11, 2013

More cars....Let the good times roll! With EDIT

Last Sunday I trekked to White Rock Lake Park in east Dallas for The All British and European Car Day show.  I had frankly forgotten about it until my friend Robert mentioned it the day before.  If it wasn't for his chance comment I would have missed it.  *Oh, the horror*

The weather was nice, the scenery beautiful.

As the event name implies, most of the cars on display were British. Austin Healey and Triumph both were very well represented:

The first car that caught my attention was this gorgeous 1959 Austin Healey 100.  

But alas, I had to two-time the 100 for this 1970 Austin Healey 3000.  Nice, huh?

The owner of this 1963 Triumph TR3 almost lost ME!  (Yes, Grand Theft Auto briefly crossed my mind.)

I'm sure this little Triumph GT6 was quite a screamer back in its day.  I'd love to have it, although I really don't think the white shows it off to its fullest.

Nice Spitfire.  (OK, I hate to get picky, but see those two torpedoes sticking out front?  That's what happens when the government gets involved in car design.  Shame on them!  (Robert....think the owner will take the hint?  :)

My two favorite Jaguar's being shown were this XK150....

....and this XK140.  I think I prefer the older 140.

Lots of nice MG's present too, like this pre government-rubber-bumper-mandated MGB....

....and this fine MGA, complete with iguana hood ornament.  (A factory option?)

And of course, everyone loves Mini's.

A couple of nice ones, despite the non-stock wheels.

I had never seen an original Mini Countryman before this.  Interesting.

At the extreme other end of the spectrum were the Rolls Royce's.

Join me for a picnic?  I'll bring the bubbly.  ;)

I'm a fan of Morgan's.

This one in British Racing Green would look much nicer if my name was on the title.

And don't forget, the show title mentioned European cars, too.

I fully expected to see The Saint jump in this Volvo P1800 and fly away, Mrs. Peel at his side.  (Look it up.)

This was a show-stopper for me:  A 1938 Peugeot 402.  I've never seen one before, and probably never will again.

French cars should I say this?....odd.  Example:  The headlight placement on the 402.

Of course, the British have had their eccentric moments, too, such as with this 3-wheel Reliant Rialto.

Car people do have a sense of humor!

This Nash Metropolitan was of interest to me only because it's the type car I learned to drive in. It was so small, at 9-years old I could still see over the steering wheel, reach the pedals, and shift the 3-on-the-tree.  *good times*

Oh, yes....Italian.  Alfa Romeo Spyder.  :)  And....


You knew I'd somehow slip in a Fiat 500, didn't you?  (Pay attention Joan Perry  :)

And finally, another in the obscure category:

A 40's era (?) Rover.

I'm hoping this was a "one-of-a-kind".

This is enough for now.  I'm burning daylight.  Hope you enjoyed.  :)


Late edit for JoeH:

There was an MG TF there, too.  (Oops...the license plate says TD.  My bad.)


  1. I am drooling up here!! Loved those old vintage foreign sports cars. My friend had an Alfa (4 seater...sort of) Another had a triumph and another had a sprite. My brother had an MGB. I always wanted an MG TF but cold not afford it.

    At 17 I put up $200 and the old man kicked in a $600 loan and I bought a 58 MGA. That blue one was exactly my car...except sans the luggage rack.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    1. See my late edit, Joe. I've included an MG TF that was there, too.

  2. Oooh! Drooling some more, Thanke Scott, glad I made the return trip to your post.

    Oh yeah, My MGA had whitewalls...that was the thing in those days, but the wire wheels and the knock offs were the same.

    I have a chapter in my book on the MGA, think you may have inspired me to post it.

    1. I would imagine these cars have inspired many a writer. Glad you mentioned the TF. I don't know why I didn't post it to begin with.


  3. If someone offered me one of these beautiful cars I'd no doubt go crazy trying to pick one from so many incredible choices.

    1. Yes, but you would be HAPPILY insane.

  4. I always love your car posts!

    We have a mini with that sticker "Actual Size" here in Lakeland. I haven't seen it yet, but a friend of mine told me to keep an eye out for it. There is a reason why I always have a camera with me.

    LOL at the pink roller!

    1. Thanks Betina. We should start a "funny bumper stickers I've seen" blog.

    2. Where's the "like" button on a blog?

  5. To the Spitfire owner: I have a used set of big Jaguar bumper over-riders, reasonably priced. ;) They would look very nice fitted to a railroad boxcar.

    1. Exactly Robert. Designers should design cars. Politicians should stick with what they do best....screwing up the world. ;)

  6. Scott, there's an interesting story about the Volvo P1800 and 'The Saint' TV show that began its run '62. The producer's first choice of car was the recently introduced Jag E-type but they were selling like hot cakes and the company figured they didn't need any more publicity. Jaguar was asked if they would provide a car but being good, frugal Brits they wouldn't give one up that could be sold elsewhere. So the show went with the Volvo and the rest is history.

    Great pictures!

    1. I did not know that about The Saint. Think he was very disappointed to learn his ride would be a Volvo instead of a Jaguar? :(

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