Friday, May 17, 2013

Land of the Brave, Home of the Fee

I just read that last year the airlines raked in $6B in baggage, reservation change, and other assorted fees.  And just coincidentally, last year the airlines made a profit of $6B. 

Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just board with NO bags, buy new clothes when you get there, then give 'em to Goodwill when you leave, flying back empty handed?



The BBC reports that more than $1M worth of Chopard jewels to be worn by celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival was stolen from a hotel room there.

"Earl....I told you puttin' my diamond stuff under the mattress was dumb.  That's the first place them crooks look!"



Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is proposing the city build an $80M maritime museum on the banks of the Trinity river. 

No joke....this is it!

Has he ever seen the Trinity river?  Most days you can wade across it.  He wants to make the soon-to-be-decommissioned nuclear submarine USS Dallas the centerpiece. *good luck getting it there*

Riiiight....Dallas has such a strong maritime tradition.  I think a bigger money-maker would be to charge a few bucks a head for people to see where the knucklehead that proposed an $80M maritime museum in Dallas lives. 


And finally, I read that Speaker of the House John Boner is incensed that the IRS singled out conservative groups for harassment.  I don't blame him.  But he says just apologizing and firing a few IRS officials isn't enough.  He wants to know "Who's going to jail?"

Ummm....John....where was your outrage when all your banker buddies / campaign contributors defrauded investors and taxpayers back in '08 and nearly crashed the world?  I'm still waiting to see who's going to jail for that. 

*Still waiting*


  1. Well Scott, the bankers are buddies and contribuers to both sides of the aisle, so you have a really long wait!

    I've seen cricks bigger than that river...good stuff!

  2. I love it when anyone pokes fun at John Boner. And the creek in my backyard is wider than that trinity river.

  3. It might make more sense for Ross Perot to build a maritime museum in Dallas.

  4. very informative..thanks and keep posting..:)