Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Eccentric" is the code word for "weird", right?

OK then, I must be one eccentric dude.  I've become greatly enamored with a sport whose championship game doesn't even get a mention in the NYT.

Yesterday morning Texas time my adopted team, the Northampton Saints played the Leicester Tigers for the English Premiership Championship.  (I found it on an obscure cable channel that I have now dubbed The Eccentric Channel.)  We lost, and I was heartbroken.  But what a game!  Their captain was knocked out of the game after 2 vicious tackles, and our captain got himself ejected from the game for swearing.  Oh the referee.  I guess their officials aren't as thick-skinned as American football referees.  Hah!

There was lots of chatter on the official Northampton website afterwards, and I left a comment too, introducing myself as a Yank newcomer to the sport and a fan of their team and congratulated them for a great season.  My little blurb got 27 "likes" and 4 nice "comments", way more than any of the other 100 commenters.  What a hospitable bunch they are!

I checked the paper this morning and found....nothing.  I mean, baseball, basketball, hockey, football news....sure, I understand those getting top billing.  But then I checked "global sports" and found European tennis results, soccer scores from Germany, track training news from Kenya, even info about some stupid bicycle race in Italy, but no CHAMPIONSHIP RUGBY GAME mention.  We ranked below some guys in leotards with skinny bike seats shoved up their ass!  Really?  *Oh, the humiliation*

I guess I'll just wear the moniker "eccentric" with pride. that I think about it, when mom called me "special", was that a code word too?  ;)



  1. I am still heartbroken by our loss and my favorite player's ejection from the game (Dylan Hartley). Never have I been effected (affected?)by an American game, not even an Olympic loss has "gutted" me so.

    And to realize not only did Dylan get red carded - he now has been suspended for 11 weeks - that's missing all of the Lions fun games and 3 preseason Saints games!

    #COYS #bleedgreen

  2. In answer to your question: yes, special is definitely a code word. Take it from someone once in "special"class.

  3. You found German soccer scores? So you are aware that the FC Bayern (the Bavarian soccer team) won the European championship, coincidentally against another team from Germany?

    I bow to your knowledge then. Nobody around here knew or cared.

    And yes, I'm from Bavaria. The state where everything is bigger and better and where everyone is smarter. Kinda like Texas... ;-)

  4. You have always been eccentric in my mind, Scott.

  5. If you start posting on Cricket I will have to unfriend you!

    You are way past eccentric...I guess that is part of your charm.

  6. I'm pretty sure you can only be eccentric if you're rich.