Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why doesn't Blogger have a font like this?

I was walking the pooch the other day and noticed this truck parked across the street.  I had to do a double...triple...then quadruple check before I could read what it said.  Can you read it?

At first I thought it said "Live Frat" and I thought it was some kind of promotion for college fraternities.   Well, that's just dumb.

Then I thought it said "Live Fart", which was even dumber.  Why would you want to advertise farting unless you were George Carlin trying to sell CD's?

I finally figured out it said "Live Fast".  But here's the problem:  If this guy is driving down the highway at 70+ mph and he wants people to see his logo and call him, they have to be able to read it in 2 seconds, max.  I'm guessing the "Live Fast" phone won't be ringing off the wall.  Maybe the Live Fart phone, but not the Live Fast phone.

I wonder if the Live guy started out his sign painting career as a graffiti artist?  Am I the only one who can't read most graffiti?  Does this ^ say anything?  Is it some sort of protest sign?  If so, what are they protesting?  Or are they selling something?  I have no idea.  

K always accuses me of being a stuffed shirt.  Actually what she says is I have a stick up my a__.  If I have something to say, or sell, I write it plainly and keep the message simple.  If you can't read it in a couple of seconds it loses it's impact.  It's worthless. Old fashioned maybe, but it works.

Trust me.  I know all about signs.



  1. Yeah, there's no way anyone's going to think that's an S. Most graffiti like that I just assume are gang logos, which is akin to a dog lifting its leg to mark its turf.

  2. It took me a while to figure it out but it reads Apparently they paint motorcycles and the company motto is "We Ride Our Sh**" Catchy, and better than Live Fart. :)

  3. I saw "Live Fart" very clearly, or so I thought.

  4. Another vote for "Live Fart."

    I just figured out what graffiti artists do when they grow up...they design those "captcha" thingies that you have to type to "prove you are not a robot."

  5. You mean "Live Fart" isn't a common expression? Huh, I guess I was misinformed.

    1. As farts go, I personally prefer dead farts to live ones. ;)

  6. Mike & I send out a poem every Christmas & for years I spent hours trying to come up with the best "looking" font. Finally my dad gently reminded me that the fancier the font the harder it is for old eyes to see. So now I stick with the plain ones :)

  7. Scott, I too thought it said Live Fart but figured out (unless it was advertising a punk band) that couldn't be true and came up with Live Fast. But I can't figure out that graffiti at all.

  8. I got Live Fast the first time.. but I like Live Fart better, that makes me laugh. The second one.. I have no damn clue what that says.

  9. That's not gang art, it clearly says, "Rest", which is the artist's alias, more commonly known as their tag.