Monday, January 31, 2011

Another log in the fireplace, please.

Now this is ridiculous! The weather guessers are saying we're to have a storm/blizzard of epic proportions. Epic? Really? Tomorrow we should awake to freezing rain, sleet, and later, snow. Temps dropping into the mid-20's by afternoon, and 14 tomorrow night. Winds of 40-50 mph....wind chill below zero. We won't begin to thaw until maybe the weekend.

Ummm....I live in Texas for a reason. Mama didn't raise no Eskimo!

Seriously, there are going to be a LOT of people across the country without power for many days, perhaps even weeks. Say a prayer they all make it safely through this. We'll be fine here.



  1. The description of Texas weather especially when it involves snow is so dramatic. California gets like that when they see a lightning storm or better yet a funny cloud about the size of a whirlwind.

    Ya'll stay warm down there. I'm supposed to work in Plano tomorrow but I think I'm going to stay snug at home.

  2. the weather is so crazy everywhere! cuddle up! ;-)

  3. Yikes! Stay warm. Drizzly but still warmer here.

  4. Buckle up and crack out the blankets...