Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My favorites

My favorite computer....iMac

My favorite camera....Canon

My favorite watch....Tag Heuer (Omega a close second)

My favorite TV....Samsung ('cause Consumer Reports says so)

My favorite TV show....Top Gear

My favorite movie....Dr Zhivago (scenery, history, beautiful women...what's not to like?)

My favorite sport....football (American style)

My favorite car I'll never own....Maserati GT

My favorite car I can/do own....Audi (Thanks Mr. Scribbler for the excellent advice!)

My favorite minister....Joyce Meyers

My favorite actor....Sean Connery, circa Hunt for Red October

My favorite actress....Meryl Streep

My favorite music....(many-way-tie) Blues, jazz, rock 'n roll (old school)

My favorite musicians...(many-way-tie) Bonnie Raitt, Nora Jones, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Marcia Ball

My favorite month....October

My favorite season....Autumn (see above)

My favorite day of the week....Friday (the weekend begins at 5pm on Friday, maybe sooner *wink*)

My favorite time of day....Evening (it's time to unwind)

My favorite time for sex....Anytime I'm breathing (did I just say that? *blush*)

My favorite clothier....LL Bean

My favorite shoes....Merrills

My favorite jeans....Wrangler

My favorite underwear....Jockey (yes, briefs)

My favorite dog breed....(tie) Westie (Tara Belle), Miniature Schnauzer (Emma Belle)

My favorite form of exercise...Hahahahaha! *deep breath* Hahahahaha!

My favorite toothpaste....Crest Extra Whitening

My favorite deodorant....Arrid XX stick

My favorite shampoo....Suave for Men

My favorite food....(many-way-tie) Steak, Mexican, barbecue, shrimp, Italian, anything made with bacon

My favorite food in my refrigerator right now....K's homemade spaghetti

My favorite green vegetable....Jalapeno (hey...they're green!)

My favorite ice cream....Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche

My favorite Starbucks coffee....Vanilla latte

My favorite daytime beverage....Coke Zero

My favorite liquor....(many-way-tie) Single malt scotch, vodka, but recently I've enjoyed gin & tonic

My favorite liqueur....(tie) Disaronno Amarreto, Baileys Irish Cream

My favorite beer....(tie) Miller Lite, Peroni if I can find it

My favorite US city, other than where I actually live....Seattle

My favorite region....the Rockies, from Colorado all the way to Alberta/British Colombia

My favorite vacation destination that I have yet to realize....Bavaria, Switzerland, Italy, Austria

My favorite reads....(mostly magazines) The Economist, Car, Evo, Octane

Anything else you wanna know? Ask me.



  1. Happy New Year Buddy!!!

    You know you could read Wired magazine. Guys love gadgets and wired is off the chain!!!

    Love Pink Floyd by the way....


  2. My favorite TV show....Top Gear

    I dig that one as well but my favorite "nonfiction" is Modern Marvels. My favorite fiction is Burn Notice.

    My favorite beer....(tie) Miller Lite, Peroni if I can find it

    My favorite is Landshark and I started drinking it on a lark because of the Buffett connection but I have honestly come to like the stuff.

  3. Good choice of music and musicians!

  4. This is a great list of fav's - Hi de ho L&S...how is Ms Kelly doin?

    Currently I have a fav - my Cruz Reader --no no it doesn't beat a real book but it's pretty cool and a serious keeper :)

  5. All my 'ol buds are back! Nice to hear from you. K is doin' fine, thanks. I'll stop by your place too.


  6. Nothin' 'bout flyin'??

    'Appy New Year, Scott!