Sunday, January 9, 2011

The little boy who cried "wolf!"....

....grew up to be a TV weatherguesser. You never know whether to believe them or not. Two days ago they were telling us here in Dallas that a bitter arctic cold front was coming, but that it would come through dry. No, wait. Yesterday morning they decided it would snow 1-3 inches. By the afternoon they upped it to 3-5 inches of snow. Personally I'm not sure we're going to see any snow.

I'd rather just consult my trusty weather rock. It works like this: It's a small rock hanging from a string placed outside.

If the rock is dry, the weather is fair

Rock wet....rainy

Rock swaying....windy

Rock has a shadow....sunny

Rock has no shadow....cloudy

Rock white....snowy

Rock under water....flood

Rock flashing....lightning

Rock missing....tornado

So why don't the TV guys just get one of these? Then I might believe them. Right now my rock is wet,'s raining. Works every time.

Seriously, this site is pretty cool:

You can move your cursor to an airport near you (assuming you're in the USA) and see what the current temperature is, wind velocity, recent precipitation totals, relative humidity, etc. Try it.


EDIT: OK, it's snowing hard and the temp is dropping fast. Maybe they got it right for once. :)


  1. ever since computers took over the weather forcasting, you can't depend on it.... they are more often wrong then right.