Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm more than a little "star struck"

This afternoon K and I paid a visit to our local Barnes & Noble/Starbucks. As we pulled in to the parking lot K spotted a beautiful vintage red Porsche, and the owner was standing beside it. I parked and told K I'd be right back, that I wanted to get a photo of this very nice car, with the owner's permission, of course.

The owner told me that I was welcome to take all the photos I wanted, and told me about his car, a 1964 356. The more we talked, the more familiar looking this guy was. Then it dawned on me....he was Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines. He couldn't have been more down to earth, a real gentleman. We talked briefly about SWA, and a lot about cars. To me he's a consummate businessman that I admire immensely.

I asked him if he ever took his car to "Cars and Coffee", and he said no but he'd like to, and asked for more details. I told him it was always the first Saturday of each month and was held in the parking lot of Classic BMW in Plano. He said he would love to attend, and that he would check his schedule to see if he would be in town on 2/5. That would be cool. I would like to visit with him more some day.

Oh...his car:

Definitely one of my more memorable Saturdays.




  1. Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines?!?! Totally cool, but I have long since developed an aversion to flying. I'm 6'-5" and whenever I fly I end up in a a small commuter jet next another guy my size. I think they do it on purpose.

  2. Good ole Gary =-) Of course we have met =-) I have a photograph with him. He has helped me at the ticket counter tag bags =-)
    I sent him an email last week and he replied the same week.
    He is one of our team members =-)
    Glad you got to meet him!

  3. that's so cool! I'm so glad there are some "down-to-earth" CEO's (though that expression is odd for one from an airline heehee)

  4. He seems to be a good guy. CEO's or the ones I know are a mixed bag...Some are great and others are horrific human beings.