Sunday, January 16, 2011

It slices, it dices....

Yesterday while K and I were out enjoying our lazy Sunday afternoon we went into a fancy gourmet kitchen equipment store where K showed me the slicer/dicer thing she wanted. It was pushing $200, so we agreed to look for it somewhere else. Back home she went to where she found one brand new for $109 + shipping, so she ordered it. The whole time she was telling me about all the great things she could do with this gizmo all I could think about was that old Gallagher routine about the Sledge-O-Matic. Anyone remember that?

"It cuts Julienne fries...but you gotta hit that sumbitch juuuust right!"

A classic from my youf. ;)



  1. LOL - my brain didn't even go there with the "food processor" we were looking at and eventually bought at Amazon (Go Amazon! Oh how I love thee!)

    My kitchen is almost complete - we only need a 7 qt crockpot and then we are in business!

    Now about that deep freezer....

  2. First saw Gallagher on HBO at my grandparent's house sometime in the early 80's. He was so funny my youngest brother peed in his pants. I miss humor like that, most of the funny stuff now is just too serious for me.

  3. So, now what I'm caught up on is, "What kind of food processor"? I bought one for about $80 that I LOVE!!!!! And, it does do everything. It kind of changed my life. Oh the pesto!

  4. That guy was always a college circuit favorite when I was in school back in the 80's

  5. Bethany, it's a Kitchenaid, model unknown.