Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Very sad

I feel very sad this evening. Today around noon my co-worker "M" was let go. I really don't know why. All I know is she's gone. The worst part is her two grown daughters depend on her, her husband is self employed and his business isn't doing too well, and her mother, who lives outside Texas has about 6 weeks to live (cancer). The next time you feel sorry for yourself, think of M, and you'll realize how well off you really are.

I've always heard it said that when God closes one door on you he opens another. I hope there's a good job waiting behind M's new door.

Recently K had a co-worker/friend of hers let go, too. Another of her work friends is supposedly on thin ice also. I don't care what the news headlines say, this economy sucks!



  1. That's so unfortunate. I'm afraid to buy a new car and I really need one. Although the regional team really likes me, I am so afraid of buying anything right now.

  2. that's one thing good in Europe... we have good employment laws. You must get at least 3 months notice, and even if they want you gone NOW, they still have to pay you the 3 months. That gives you time to look for something new at least. AND, they can only fire or you if they have a really good reason. These benifits are part of the reason I decided not to quit this job but stick it out until the bitter end (18 months and counting lol)

  3. God provides! It doesn't mean sometimes life won't be difficult but it does mean you will survive and your faith will thrive! Praying for M and all those that have lost their job.

  4. Just goes to show you that the company doesn't care. I imagine that stings...In fact, it makes me angry to some degree. Hopefully, there was a good reason...