Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I prefer dogs.....

"If dogs had thumbs they would make you coffee. If cats had thumbs they would steal your car."

Hahaha! Just kidding.....don't get your knickers in a knot. Someone K reads on twitter wrote that and I thought it was funny.

I haven't posted or read recently as it's been hectic here. Returning to work after vacation has been hard. My company continues to let good people go...last week it was one of our senior managers. Morale is low, but since my group is posting excellent numbers they're pretty much leaving us alone. That will hopefully be a moot point soon, however, as bro and I are on the verge of signing a contract (tomorrow) to build another new custom home, in addition to the one we signed about 2 weeks ago. One home would be a moonlighting job, 2 will require a full-time commitment. Things might change dramatically, and for the better, very soon.

K's dad is having a tough recovery from his broken hip surgery. He's still in the hospital, but should be moved to rehab tomorrow. How long he'll need to be there remains to be seen.

K's been swamped at work, too. One evening she even had to bring work home....very unusual for her. I tried to help her as best I could, preparing my infamous gruel along with chip and dip and beer for dinner. She must have been starving as she ate it without complaint.

Today has been relaxing so far. I just made some guacamole for later, and I'll soon take Emma Belle for a leisurely walk around the 'hood. After that I'll be back to catch up on all your blogs.




  1. Hope things at work stay okay for you. Worked at a place once that laid people off on what seemed like a whim, it was a depressing place.

    Congrats on the contract!

    Hope K's dad gets better soon.

  2. good luck with the jobs... sounds promising.

    Lately I've been coming home and falling asleep in front of the tv... also an unusual thing for me (could also be age LOL).

  3. and it's Monday again but it might be "crazy good news Monday!" so that's not so bad!