Sunday, January 16, 2011

Practicing for retirement

S & K Lowandslow are back home after spending the day doing...umm...well...nothing. We did do our grocery shopping earlier, but after that we drove in to Dallas to the flagship Half Priced Books. I don't know why I bother going there. I can always just look around and eventually find something that interests me, but if I'm looking for something in particular they NEVER have it. Or at least no one who works there knows where it is. All they can do is point over their shoulder and say, "somewhere over there". Well, duh! "Organization" is just another abstract term to them.

I wound up buying The Next 100 Years on Kindle App for my iPad, then we went to a Starbucks and had a coffee and read and people watched. Instead of just taking the Tollway back home at warp speed we leisurely drove deeper into Highland Park (and snickered at the conspicuous consumers), then turned around and drove up Preston Road all the way to Frisco, probably about 20 miles.

It was a nice way to spend a cool, gray Sunday afternoon. We're back home with Emma Belle where I can watch some football, read, and catch up on your blogs before dinner (K's homemade spaghetti...delish!)

I have a short week ahead due to company "use-it-or-lose it" vacation policy, hence my mile-wide grin. Hope y'all are doing well.



  1. The Book Warehouse here in Columbia is the same way. I can browse for hours and never find the book I want but can find many that interest me.

    I fully understand the "mile-wide grin" had it myself last week.

  2. You know I love my cruz's weird was dead set against them but its nice to carry more than one book around and have access to the net or my writing anytime anywhere (well if there is Wii)

    I love book shopping...I could go from store to store for days

    Happy Monday!!