Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our "cool" neighborhood

As I already had arranged to take today off work, the winter storm caused me no problems. K had to go in, but she works less than a mile away. Poor Emma Belle wasn't too enthused about going out to do her "business", though. We were out and back in no time. Basically we have a solid sheet of ice on everything with a bit of snow on top. It's 21 degrees @ 3pm, with a low tonight expected to be around 9.

Mr. Restless here couldn't stay cooped up inside all day, so I walked around the hood for a while. There weren't too many souls stirring. One unusual sight I did see was a young woman ice skating down Fun Street, but she was past me before I could dig out my camera....darn.

This was a far cry from last Friday night when Fun Street was abuzz with a movie premiere. The street was blocked off, huge backdrops were erected, searchlights pierced the night sky, the red carpet was rolled out, and fancy cars were lined up for a block. Seems the Angelika Film Center was chosen to premiere Slant 45. It's somehow supported by the NFL, and there were lots of big-name felons....er....pro athletes on hand. I can't wait to not see it. *snicker*

Hopefully you are all inside warm and dry this evening. Stay safe.


EDIT: K has pointed out to me AT GREAT LENGTH that I have slandered what is probably a very worthy film, and that not all professional athletes are felons. She is absolutely correct, and I apologize to the producers and the non-felon athletes playing in the NFL. I still can't wait to not see it.


  1. Suppose to rain here this weekend, my daughter and I will do the zoo on Sunday if it does. It a great feeling almost having the place to ourselves.

  2. I drove to Gainesville this morning. Thirteen miles too me about an hour to negotiate the very treacherous 82. An auditor was waiting for me, an auditor from Wisconsin. This weather's nothing to him. It took a bit to get the truck back in the garage. You both be careful out there!

  3. Yes I may have gone on a bit too long on the subject but you know I can tell when you are paying attention and when you are thinking about other things while "pretending" to pay attention to me. You know I have a standing rule to repeat myself until I have your full attention. Pay attention the first time and you would save us alot of time :)

  4. *Back away slowly...be vewy, vewy quiet...don't make eye contact...and no one will get hurt*

  5. I never expected that kind of weather in your area... mine, yes, but not yours! We have new ice and snow today as well, but then it IS February.