Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy week, busy Saturday, too

Thankfully K's dad has gained his strength back after his broken hip surgery. He came home from the hospital/rehab on Tuesday and today we're going to see him at his home in Foat Wuth. My task: Build him a wheelchair ramp so he can go outside instead of staying cooped up inside all the time. And it's a GREAT time to be outdoors, too. We've had temps in the 70's all week and it will continue thru the weekend.

The boss at work is on us because sales overall are slipping and he's looking to our group to make up the difference, since we're the strongest....up 20%+ last year. Of course I couldn't say anything yet, but with our second new home sale soon to be officially consummated with the @$%^&* bank, I'll be giving my notice soon to my Big Giant Corporate Employer. I'm SO ready to get back to building custom homes again. I'll honestly hate to leave my teammates as they're thrown into the grinder, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It's just too good an opportunity not to make the jump.

Cute side note: While I was writing this my phone rang. I saw it was from my youngest daughter, so I answered to hear my grandson Parker (age 1 1/2) just jabbering. I talked (?) with him for a minute, then finally realized his mother was not coming on the line. He had grabbed the phone and somehow speed dialed a I wonder if this is a regular occurrence? She'll know soon when her phone bill arrives. :)

My project for the day is awaiting. Y'all have a wonderful day.



  1. good luck with the housing projects. Earning a set wage is nice, but I know how much you enjoy building.
    I forgot to check... did you see the pictures of MY former house getting built? (link in a comment a few entries down).

    Yesterday, as I drove through a very quaint German town, I just had to think of you. Unfortunately I had NO time to stop and take pictures, darn.

  2. I sure hope you escape the corporate world...

  3. my daugter is now having a (pre-fab)house built... maybe you might enjoy it's progress...