Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's been one of those weeks, friends...very rough. One of my coworkers fell on the ice two weeks ago and hurt his knee and was off work all this past week. We all bucked up and got his and our work done, and it really wore me down. Today I have nothing but sitting around, drinking coffee, and reading my book....and maybe walking the dog and getting a car wash....on my agenda.

On a positive note, our homebuilding business is back up and running. One of our customers officially signed his financing papers on Friday, and we're beginning construction on Monday. I'll be moonlighting after my regular job to handle my construction oversight chores on this one. (My brother/bidness partner will be there full time to see and be seen.) Our other client is in the final financing stages at this time and will hopefully sign his documents within a couple of weeks. When/if that happens (and it looks positive!) I'll be able to tell my current Big Giant Employer thanks, but I'm moving on. *happy dance!*

K has become quite the accomplished chef. Recent acquisitions have included a professional quality mixer and food processor, but now she wants a larger slow cooker for things like brisket. Yesterday I bought her one as part of her Valentine's gift. Here she is bright and early this morning opening it as she has a recipe she wants to try today while she has the time:

In the interest of my physical well being I passed on getting her a new wash board, too. *wink*

I'm burning daylight....gotta go and do....ummm....nothing. :)



  1. My wife and are skipping Valentines stuff this year, we got the credit card bill from the cruise. Wow! Won't be doing that again for a while!

  2. Cheers buddy! Housing starts are coming back around and it looks like you are in the path!!!

    Hope you make a Billion bucks! That way we don't have to worry about who is buying the beer!!!

    Awesome to read you are back in the saddle.


  3. I asked Santa for a bamboo steamer so I could make my own tamales so tell K I said ^5 on getting the crock pot! I enjoy cooking and a crock pot makes life easier