Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So was "W" Bush right or not?

As best I can remember, George W. Bush told us his vision was to help Iraq and Afghanistan throw off their oppressive dictators and discover freedom. They would be so happy that citizens of other Middle Eastern countries would be inspired to revolt and taste freedom for themselves, too. It sounded pretty "pie-in-the-sky" to me since I doubted many of them would even know what to do with "freedom" if they had it. I felt most would support whoever would give them a paycheck and some food.

Now here we are in 2011 and The People have overthrown corrupt leaders in Tunisia and Egypt, and they're on the march in Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Can Saudi Arabia be far behind?

So how will this play out? Will voices of moderation prevail as W hoped for, or will other equally corrupt, evil dictators (think Islamic extremists) seize power? If Bush was right, the world will be a MUCH better place. If Bush was just being delusional, we're SCREWED!

This is gonna be interesting!



  1. I wish everyone in Arab world the best, its a tough road they are starting out on and its full of pot holes along the way. Heck, the entire planet could use a couple of big breaks and twenty or so years of relative quiet.

  2. Those tribes all know and have known each other for hundreds if not thousands of years. Getting briefed by my Arab buddy (he is a diplomat) is an eye opener.

    The Christian tribes (Very minority) are the ones who settle land disputes!

    Bush was a very poor communicator but was very good with the "Big Picture" . I at least hope he is good with the big picture.