Saturday, February 5, 2011

Now I know what she meant

Years ago, before K, I dated a flight attendant with one of the big airlines based "up north". One late-winter day I was visiting with her on the phone and she was just going on and on about what a gorgeous day it was there. She said the sun was shining, everyone was out enjoying the fine weather, and how she even had the top down on her convertible. I asked how warm it was and she said, "mid-40's". Huh?? To this Texas boy that would be "coat and gloves" weather for sure!

Here today the temperature climbed up into the mid-40's after hovering between 8 and 18 for the four previous days. Wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a light jacket, I took Emma Belle for a walk this afternoon. I almost felt over-dressed. It's amazing how quickly we, or at least I, can become acclimated to the cold. The mid-40's actually felt comfortable.

Our week of ice and snow is melting rapidly. This is all that's left in our apartment's central courtyard:

I'm sure by tomorow even that will be history, too. If I can just have one really good snowfall every winter I'm satisfied. The Winter of 2011 was good to me. I'm happy tonight.



  1. I did the same when stationed in Colorado, I got use to wearing a t-shirt in the 40's and when I came back to South Carolina the humidity would hit me like a sledge hammer.

  2. all our snow is gone but there are threats of it coming back. I don't mind... I like the snow, even when I have to drive in it, as long as it's nice and white and not dirty and sloggy.

  3. I am afraid I will never acclimate to the cold although I confess that the dry cold in the mountain is not like the humid moist cold we have here..

    I can tolerate dry cold much better.