Sunday, February 6, 2011

Overnight excitement

No, not that kind of excitement, unfortunately. We were sound asleep at around 1:40am when the fire alarms in our building went off. K and I were textbook smooth. I pulled on some sweat pants, a henley t-shirt and a jacket, grabbed my wallet, keys, camera, and phone while K dressed and gathered a few things and the dog and out we went.

I felt the door up...oops, Freudian slip...and it was cool to the touch so we went out into the central corridor. All the fire doors had closed, so I made sure each was cool before I opened them, too. We made it to our 4th floor parking garage where people were starting to assemble. Before we could get our cars started and get well away from the building someone looked down the staircase to the first floor where they saw a torrent of rushing water. Obviously a large pipe had burst and the fire alarm apparently reverted to its default mode.

The cops arrived before the firefighters did, probably because Duncan Donuts was closer than the fire station. While we were all standing around trying to figure out what was going on K looked at me and started laughing.

Seems I had put on my oldest sweatpants with the bad elastic waistband and the broken drawstring, and the weight of my camera and phone in the same pocket was pulling my pants down, plus one end of the broken string was hanging down to my knees. Naturally, had it been a real fire, I would have been the eyewitness featured on the local TV news channel.

Have you ever noticed they always pick the goofiest looking, most redneck person possible to interview? "Yeah...uhh...ah seen this big 'ol fireball comin' at me and ah yelled, 'Hey Earlene, save the beer, save the beer! Ah mean, we coulda been killed, or even worse!'" That fifteen minutes of fame could have been mine. *sigh*

Oh well, maybe next time.

Hope y'all have a good day.



  1. Have you ever noticed they always pick the goofiest looking, most redneck person possible to interview?

    Yes, and I have met four local news television types in three different locations and none of them impressed me much.

    Now the fourth one was a female reporter in Colorado Springs and not only was she one the hottest woman I had ever met in real life but after listening to her interview an Air Force colonel stationed at Peterson Air Force Base I believe her to be one of the smartest.

  2. Glad you all are okay...Sure beats running for your life.