Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mo Sno

I'm probably one of the few people in Dallas NOT complaining about the new winter storm bearing down on us right now. Overnight...ice. Rush hour tomorrow...snow...3-5 inches expected. I'll just leave for work a few minutes earlier than usual tomorrow. No biggie.

More news: K was called into one of the BIG boss's office today and offered yet another responsibility. This is the second in as many months. He told her she was "very well respected" within the company. I say she's become their "go-to" girl. If they want something done pronto and done right, they call K. Of course she accepted the challenge, and on her way out of his office she said, "Of course I'll need more money."

To be continued.

Hope y'all are warm and dry tonight.



  1. Best wishes on getting more money. Had the best evalution ever at my job and learned recently we will not be getting any pay raise due to the budget situation. Serious Bummer.

  2. Mo' money! Let us hope so....I LOVE reading this kind of stuff.


  3. Mo money and Mo sno! I'd like both...I like the seasons and I am not ready for the triple digit weather yet so bring it!!! Mo for all of us ;)

  4. well, did she get the raise?

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