Sunday, February 13, 2011

Like watching a monkey trying to play bagpipes....

....that's what I look like trying to do yoga. K is always on my case to exercise more, as if the 5-7 miles I walk every day isn't enough. Ride a bicycle? No thanks. Having that sadistic wedge-shaped seat shoved up my a__ isn't my idea of fun. Running? Years ago I ran 3 miles a day, 4 days a week. Now I don't think my knees could take such high-impact stress. Weights? Reps bore me to tears after 5 minutes. Treadmill? HELLO....I walk 5+ miles a day!

Yoga? Hmmmm....that might just work. K does yoga every morning and she can twist herself up into shapes you wouldn't believe. (She is so limber....which could be an X-rated entry topic all by itself!) As I'm definitely not limber, this just might work.

Yesterday I tried out my Yoga for Dummies DVD that I bought on Amazon. I like it! Sure, I'm very sore today, but that will pass as I press on. But the twisting really feels good. The funny part is how I look trying to stand on one leg while I tuck my other foot up into my crotch and reach over my head. I look like a freak show attraction. Or try to stand facing north while my left foot faces south, without bending my knees. Hahaha! Fat chance!

Oh well, I'm gonna keep after it because I feel so great after a good stretch. And the instructor is kinda hot. :)



  1. I haven't done yoga but I do stretch out all the time. I'm still stuck doing running/swimming/lifting. I try to stay in shape for surfing/sand soccer in the summer.

    Swimming laps can be a bit tedious but it helps me clear my mind.

    Enjoy the yoga. I'll have to try it.


  2. When Fin watches me do tree pose, the "stand on one leg while I tuck my other foot up into my crotch and reach over my head", he calls it the "Ruptured Stork".

  3. Good for you! I think we will all wish we had done yoga to keep us limber. I've been trying zumba - fast and fun.