Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seasons are good

I've always been a contrarian. I've never tried to be rebellious....I just see things a bit differently. I drove a tiny little car back in the '70's when everyone was buying big muscle cars. Most people are fixated on "the American dream" (home ownership), while I've learned to love the carefree apartment lifestyle. Most people absolutely detest winter, but I like it, even when I have to bundle up like this:

I love coming back to a toasty warm apartment after walking the dog. I love reading or watching TV wearing sweats. I love going to bed and pulling a thick down comforter up and making my "nest". I love listening to the wind howling outside. I love getting in my car in the mornings and feeling the seat heaters come to life.

And before I can get tired of winter, our Texas spring arrives and I can begin to look ahead to the next winter. It's a cycle I enjoy.

Stay warm.



  1. Yeah, suburban home ownership is very highly overrated. I resent the near serfdom of yardwork and usually if I keep my lawn mowed nicely the homeowners association better count their blessings.

    Not big on winter, I'm just in mild South Carolina and I'm ready for Spring to get here.

  2. I appreciate the seasons however I confess to liking some seasonal activity more than others.

    I'm going to the mountain this weekend to ski. I still prefer surfing and the beach over snow and skiing.

    I do prefer running in the three seasons before summer however. Summertime jogging is a brutal chore.

    Home is what you make of your dwelling. I have lived in many places and always seem to find the comfort/coziness in all of them.

    I think it is safe to say you enjoy life as it comes to you.


  3. Who am I kidding? I like seasons too but I really would prefer to skip the sh**ty ones. I'm with Kelly on that one...

  4. I love the seasons but Fall is my favorite!!! and I live mid summer when you can enjoy the bite of heat but not that intense brain fried feeling