Monday, February 4, 2013

I give it 1.95 Thumbs Up

Note to the NFL:  Listen up....I have a suggestion that will revolutionize all future Super Bowls:  Scheduled bathroom time-outs.  When is a fan supposed to pee during a Super Bowl?  You can't miss any of the game, and you don't want to miss any of the commercials, so when?  My eyeballs were floating by halftime.  

I decided Beyonce was going to be the sacrificial segment of the evening.  The hard part was holding it until halftime.  They should schedule one first half and one second half time out for guys to pee.  Just 60 seconds of blank screen so there's nothing to miss.  

Women seem to be able to hold it forever on Super Bowl Sunday, even though on a road trip they need to stop every 12 miles.  (I think they just store up all their self-control for the Super Bowl.)

The game itself was great!  It's a shame all Super Bowl's can't be this entertaining.  When a game goes down to the last seconds for the winner to be determined, THAT'S a good game!  The ebb and flow, the momentum gained and was suspenseful in a very good way.  

I liked the way both coaches played not to lose, but to WIN.  Baltimore's fake punt in the first half, SF's going for the 2-point conversion at the end....that's how you play to win!  Kudos to the Harbaugh brothers and both teams.

Even the halftime show was memorable.  To me halftime is usually the time to make room for more beverage and prepare more food for the second half.  I actually watched (most) of this one.  While I'm not a big Beyonce (or pop music) fan, I must say she, and the extravaganza itself, were spectacular.


The big disappointment:  The commercials.  As always they were WAY too over-hyped.  A couple were good....the Bud Clydesdale colt....the Doritos goat.  I thought the RAM pickup "Farmer" spot was a nice bookend to last year's Clint Eastwood "Halftime in America".  Hyundai had some that brought a smile to my face, but the rest were uneventful, if not outright stinkers.  What was GoDaddy thinking?  They just pissed away $8 million dollars.  Blech!  Gag!  Hurl!

Oh, and the 34 minute power outage?  It didn't bother me at all.  I used the time wisely....I went to the bathroom.  ;)



  1. I don't think there's been a truly memorable Super Bowl ad in 20 years, if not more. I guess it's just that no one really goes for the home run anymore. They just try to get a single with these cheesy punchlines. This despite that ads get more expensive every year. As you say if you're spending $8M make it count!

  2. I use the commercial breakes to stretch my legs and maybe take a pee. They are way overhyped and totally distract from the game. THey will be played for the next three months ad nausiam (sp). I watched "storage wars" at half time. Bring back the marching bands. SF went for two not for the win, but for the tie. Anything else would have been idiotic, but yes it was a great game and well played. THe high score was due to super talanted QB's and excellent recievers, not poor defence.

    THe Go Daddy as was disgusting! Why the fuss over seeing J Jacksons nipple for 3 seconds and then allow that crap?

  3. Yes, I did hear about some big football game during the Beyonce concert... ;-p