Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunshine Award

My friend Joe over at Cranky Old Man was just recognized (very deservedly) with the Sunshine Award for his superior blogging talents and his contributions to mankind.  (OK, I made up that last part.)  Suffice it to say this guy's a hoot! 

I also think he's gone a bit daffy as evidenced by the fact that he's passed on The Sunshine Award to me, too.  Whoa....Big Joe....I'm honored.  Thank you!  Now here's the deal:  I have to answer some questions, then pass it on to whoever else I think might deserve it also.  So....

FAVORITE COLOR:  Probably blue.  I don't have any really strong preferences in colors.

FAVORITE ANIMAL:  Definitely dog.

FAVORITE NUMBER:  One.....Hey, I'm a Leo!

FAVORITE DRINK:  Coke Zero, followed by iced sweet tea and beer (with the right food).

FACEBOOK OR TWITTER:  Facebook, and I've only recently found it.  I don't know anything at all about Twitter, except that I don't want to be known as a Twit.

MY PASSIONS:  My wife, family, and just enjoying life.  And football.  And cars.  And airplanes.

GETTING OR GIVING PRESENTS:  Giving.  I want for nothing, and besides, I don't have space for anything else.  I live pretty sparsely.


FAVORITE FLOWER:  The pretty one what has the stickers on it.  They remind me of beautiful women....lovely, but they can hurt you.  Careful!

Now, who to pass this wonderful award on to?  As I've already tagged almost everyone else I know recently, I'm going to spread the wealth and forward this on to Joan Perry at Charleston Daily Photo.  She shares tons of beautiful photos, the great history of her city, and always has nice things to say for everybody.  She's truly a treasure.  

Please go check out my friends Joe and Joan.  (Move over Paul and Paula.  *wink*)



  1. Well you being a Leo explains everything! Heh.

  2. Thanks Low! I am flattered! I am a blue gal as well. When I own or wear anything that isn't blue or black it shows I have self control.