Thursday, February 28, 2013

I should be a medical case study for "Weirdness"

I probably have the most unusual sleeping habits of anyone, ever.  Come bedtime every night I get unto my comfy bed and burrow in and snuggle up with the Missus like a normal person.  It seems to chap her that I can fall asleep before she can even get her pillow plumped up to her satisfaction.

But after about two hours my back starts hurting.  I have a bad disc and when I lay on either side I guess I get into some sort of contorted position that aggravates my condition.  Knowing this is going to be the case almost every night I prepare for it by pre-arranging a lap blanket K keeps on the couch and a pillow on my super-soft, well-broken-in leather chair in the great room.  

After a couple of hours in bed I'm on to Plan B, "The Chair".  Sitting up my weight is on my gluteous maximus ("butt" for those of you anatomically challenged), and all I can do is lean contorted rolling around.  When I had my retina surgeries years ago I had to sleep sitting up for a month while my eye lying flat.  Oddly enough, once you get used to it it's pretty comfortable.

Turns out K isn't at all upset by me sleeping in the den because it keeps her from having to listen to me snore or click my teeth or yodel or whatever the hell it is I do in my sleep.  I usually manage to wake up again before the alarm goes off and go back to bed for another few minutes of snuggle time.

Any of you top that for weirdness?



  1. That sounds like Mike's schedule! Except he moves to our futon/couch (for some reason, being able to lean against the back of it gives him the support he needs). And I don't complain for the same reason Kelly doesn't complain :)

    Some nights I'M the one who moves - our futon is a magical place where insomnia goes away...

  2. I don't think I'd term this weird, just practical.

  3. At first the "bed to the chair back to the bed" was weird and I didn't really sleep (he keeps me warm) But I came to understand that it's not that he wants to go sleep in the chair but that it's painful to stay in bed (ouchie disc/disk) BUT it comes in very handy like last night when the allergies got the best of him and he was snoring like a frieght train on his fav time is when he comes back and snuggles for an hour before I get up


  4. Yes, go for whatever works. I rarely suffer from sleeplessness, but if it does happen, I get on the couch in the living room, turn on the TV, and catch a rerun of the show with 8 kids or 19 kids...and then my troubles seem like nothing. And once my troubles seem like nothing, I fall back asleep.

  5. LOL! Now I have images of you yodelling in your sleep and your neighbours wondering what the hell you two are getting up to!

  6. My boyfriend and I who have been together for 12 years, have not slept in the same bed or room in almost 3 years. He snores like something fierce!! No matter how much I kick, roll or try to smother him while he's sleeping he keeps snoring! So, he sleeps on the couch. We tried a couple nights ago, him sleeping in bed with me, didn't work out, so I went to the couch.
    I can relate!

    1. So maybe I'm not so weird after all?