Thursday, December 19, 2013

A sad anniversary....

It was two years ago today that my wonderful best (4-legged) friend, our Miniature Schnauzer Emma Belle, passed away.  I still think about her every day, and probably always will.  

I had taken her that morning to the vet, knowing she was seriously ill.  The vet said she would do some tests and have some word for us later.  We pretty much knew what that word would be, and were prepared to put her down rather than let her suffer.  Before we could make that decision, however, Emma passed.  I know deep down that she passed when she did so we wouldn't have to agonize over making that final decision.  She was thinking of us to the end.

Here's what I posted two years ago:

RIP Emma Belle

My life was much richer because you were in it.  Thanks for being my best friend.



  1. I've heard that you only get ONE great dog in your life...seems you have had at least two!

    Keep the memory alive.

    1. Will do, Joe. And FYI, I had another great dog before Emma...Tara Belle. What are the odds?

  2. I remember when you first wrote about Emma's passing. Our canine family members ask for so little yet give so much. I've held two dogs in my arms when they were put to sleep. One had cancer and the other kidney failure. The pain never goes away but I try and focus on the happy memories and the wonderful lives these animals had. I'm sure Emma was one of the lucky ones. Take care my friend.

  3. Sniff, sniff.

    I remember this post - but I was surprised that it was two years ago. Time passes quickly, but we'll always remember our pets. I had to put my Smokey down over three years ago, and still I catch myself stretching my feet in bed, reaching for her with my toes.

  4. Thanks everyone. Yes, our pets are beyond special. They're the most loyal, selfless friends we'll ever have. RIP Miss Belle.

  5. I agree-family animals are selfless indeed.I'm sorry to hear that you had lost such a wonderful family member-even if it were two years ago.I imagine Emma's spirit is all over your house.These things are possible when keeping their memory alive~

    Best wishes and blessings to you and your family~