Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cobblestone ice, fugly sweaters, and BS taken to a new level

Here's something this Southern boy has never seen before....

...."cobblestone" ice.

Last night we were driving down the tollway and suddenly traffic just stopped.  It turned out maintenance crews had closed 2 lanes of traffic in order to remove some cobblestone ice.  Bright sunlight has already melted most of the ice on our roads, but in the shadows the remaining ice somehow morphed into this lumpy mess.  You hit that at 70 mph and you're in for a wild ride!


Back in my yout when I first saw one of these fugly sweaters I knew they were destined to someday become the theme for a holiday party.  That day has arrived.  The hottest Christmas party theme in 2013 I've now learned is the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party.  My question:  How inebriated do you have to be to put on one of these?


Well, here's one way to rub elbows with the world's leaders....

....just show up at Nelson Mandela's Memorial event and pawn yourself off as a deaf sign language interpreter.

It turns out the guy on the right who is supposed to be signing for the deaf is just faking it.  He's just flapping his arms and pointing this way and that.  I wonder what the deaf people in the crowd were thinking?  

"I want to thank the insane penguin for the Chevrolet hubcaps, the fugly sweater, and this 'gently used' jock strap.  More egg nog?   Bonjour, dudes."  


Happy Hump Day.  :)



  1. It saddens me to think that thanks to social media we've commercialized ugly sweaters, which in yesteryear were something that were organically, non-ironically produced. As if the ironic T-shirt fad wasn't bad enough.

    It's kind of scary to think that guy could fake his way onto stage. I mean he was standing right next to all those world leaders. What if he'd snuck some kind of weapon on his person? What was the Secret Service doing all this? Which this could be a good idea for a thriller. Guy sneaks into a big memorial service pretending to be an interpreter and sprays himself with some biological weapon so that he gives all the heads of state some terrible disease and only some Bond-type secret agent can find the antidote in time. (and for the record I've read too many of those old Bond books recently)

  2. Mrs. Chatterbox took "sign language" lessons a few years ago and she commented that this guy was really easy to understand. I don't have the heart to tell her he was signing gibberish.

  3. Wish I'd seen him. If this was just a practical joke, it was a good one.

    1. It's the honest truth Bruce. Google it. :)

    2. Oh, yeah, I know it happened. I'm just wondering about his motive.

  4. Ugly Christmas sweater party? I'm all for it!

  5. Hey, I have an ugly Christmas sweater & it's not ugly at all. Really! It's just itchy as all get out :)

    I love your interpretation of the "interpreter."