Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Napolean Complex canine-ified

I seem to have a new not-so-secret admirer, namely one Mr. Luke The Wonder Dog.  I'm wondering if he knows I'm a dude, too?  So far he's reserved his leg humping for K, but I'm wondering if that's where our relationship is headed also?

He's apparently decided that I'm more comfortable to lie on than his pet bed.  If I'm on the computer for more than just a few minutes he's beside me standing on his hind legs, wanting me to pick him up.  Then when I do he walks from my lap right up my chest and gets in my face.  This causes me to lean my desk chair as far back as it will go, trying to get a little face-to-face separation.  

By this time he has me right where he wants me at about a 45 degree angle.  Next he plops down and proceeds to settle in for a nice nap. 

I guess I should be glad he's an 8 lb Yorkshire Terrier and not some big honkin' Mastiff or something.

Next he'll probably want me to fan him with palm fronds and drop kibble into his mouth.  What happened to the days when your dog would bring YOU your slippers, or the newspaper, or maybe a beer?  I think I'm being played!



  1. Luke is proclaiming his dominance over you as the pack leader. At 8 pounds, just let him get away with it!

  2. Pets love their masters, especially when he provides a soft, warm place for a nap.

  3. Luke the Wonder Dog is showing consummate skill in the training of his humans. I hope he doesn't find out about your blog. He looks smart enough to read.