Tuesday, December 31, 2013

David vs Goliath, The Sequel

Let's see....the news....Exploding People In Russia....Ship Stuck In Ice At The South Pole....oh, here it is:

Texas Tech wins stunning upset in the "Some Mail-Order College I Can't Remember The Name Of * Holiday Bowl".

I don't know who was more surprised, the Arizona State fans who came to see their #14 ranked and highly favored (by 17 points) Sun Devils cake walk to an easy bowl victory, or the (7-5 unranked) Texas Tech fans who were wondering why they bothered to travel to San Diego to witness the whippin'?  As it turns out, both were shocked when Tech won convincingly, 37-23.

Truth is, the better team showed up unprepared and unmotivated and probably cocky, too.  Texas Tech on the other hand came pumped to play, with a highly creative game plan and a desire to be seen on national TV in the middle of the night by hundreds of people.  

Tech did every thing right while Arizona State never seemed to recover from the news their equipment manager left their jock straps back in Tempe.  In a nut shell (pardon the pun) Arizona State was out-coached.  *Great job Tech Coach Kliff Kingbury!*

All I know sitting here watching the game from my comfy chair in Dallas was that the game didn't come on TV until 9:30, and wasn't over until after 1 am.  *Yawn*  That's waaaaay past my normal bedtime.  Man, those West Coast people like to stay up late!  ;)

Happy New Year everyone!

S  (Full disclosure....Texas Tech University, Class of '72)

* I had to look it up....it was the "National University Holiday Bowl".


  1. I'm not a sports fan and can't think of a worthy comment, but I do want to wish you and K. and Luke the Wonder Dog a happy and prosperous 2014.

  2. You mean I missed the 1st annual "National University Holiday Bowl?" Dang!!

    Glad your team won.
    Happy New Year

  3. I was with you all the way to ...At The South Pole.... Happy New Year to you and K! And Luke the Wonder Dog.

  4. Sorry to say your New Year will be happy. Well, your New Year's Eve, anyway.