Friday, December 6, 2013


The end is near!  If you're not frozen yet, it's just a matter of time.  Prepare to meet your Maker.  Just as a broken clock is still right twice a day, our North Texas weatherguessers [finally] got one right. Kudos to Pete Delkus & team.  They're 1 for 340.  WooHoo!

That seems to be the consensus opinion coming from Storm Team 8.  Prepare to bust a gut laughing all you Yankees....we've had 3-4 inches of sleet and our city of 6.5M people is paralyzed.  Our light rail transit system is down, all schools are closed, and most businesses, too.  (K is home working from her laptop.)  

Even Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Foat Wuth is closed.  (Don't get any crazy ideas North Korea.  We all have guns, and we know how to use them!)  DFW International is a ghost town, too.  They're just not prepared to deal with this kind of weather.  

Luke the Wonder Dog has shut down, too.  I took him out at 0-dark-thirty and he couldn't deal with it.  He gets all ready, lifts one leg, and his other 3 just down!  Dog down!

Me?  I'm excited!  I'm probably one of only a handful of north Texans who are enjoying this.  I finally get to wear my super-heavyweight winter coat (what was I thinking?) and all my other cold weather clothing. too.  In fact, if I wasn't the mature adult that I am [sic] I'd probably drive up to the mall just a few blocks away and check the grip of my tires. *wink*

For now I'm just keeping a lookout to see if any of the other kids come out to play.  Join me?



  1. Sorry... this Jersey smart ass needs to say it.... wimps :)
    we're getting hit this weekend. But we've got snow shovels & snow blowers and all that fancy schmancy kinda stuff here :)

    1. Wimps?? Agreed! Why does this just freak people out?

  2. I'd say wimps too, except if we ever had 110 degree heat for a week they'd have to send out the National Guard so...

  3. You should get a sled and just go sliding down the road to the mall. It'd probably end up like Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation."

  4. Enjoy! (Sounds like you are).


  5. I'd love to come out and play with you. I make a mean snowball although my arm isn't good enough to pitch it into a target so you'd be safe. We woke to snow here in Portland but I doubt it will hang around for long.

  6. I laughed until I cried at the image of Luke splayed on the ground - sorry Luke but that's just hilarious!

    I just drove 40 miles home in the snow - snowed pretty much all day so that was a fun journey. The roads are a mess! They'll be ok tomorrow after the snow stops. I was not in the least bit tempted to "test the grip of my tires." Ha!

  7. When I was a wee lad we used to go out and play in the snow and ice all day when it was 20 below. We were from North Dakota, lads of sturdy stock and that stuff didn't scare us. Or we were just dumb Norwegians.

  8. When we lived in South Carolina, we'd have the occasional rare snow/ice storm. For some reason, I still had the snow brush/ice scraper in my car from when we had moved from Buffalo (there, you carry it year-round). I became close friends with some of my credit-card-windshield-scraping co-workers once I whipped that baby out of my trunk!