Monday, December 16, 2013

Just coasting....

I stopped by the bookstore over the weekend and this book caught my eye.  It's about the world leaders who met in Paris to hammer out the details of the Treaty of Paris, which ended WWI.  (The thumb was just a special limited-time promotion they were offering.  ;)

This got me to thinking:  I'm so far out of the mainstream it's a wonder I can even communicate with other earthlings.  The huge bookstore was filled with fiction, romance novels, teen novels, science fiction, etc, with just one tiny section on one wall dedicated to the topics I like to read.  Ummm....

Everyone is all ga-ga about America's Next Star, Watch Us Dance, Housewives of Tulsa and the like, while I'm watching The History Channel or a car show when I can find one.

I can't watch the Oscar's, Emmy's, Grammy's, etc, because I've never heard of most of those people/movies/songs they're honoring.

This time of year most people are all into professional football.  Not me.  I don't know the standings, the teams in the playoffs, and very few of the players.  Fantasy football?  Fuggetaboutit.  Anyone want to talk about college football or maybe rugby?  Didn't think so.

Yes, I can write a semi-coherent blog, but it usually revolves around news stories about one crooked banker or politician or another, things that 99.9999% of blog readers don't seem to give a hoot about.

While most of you write about your most memorable Christmas, your adventures at summer camp circa 1972, your favorite cookie recipe, or maybe the time you and Billy Joe Jim Bob took daddy's car out and ended up with a flat tire and didn't know where the jack was, I really don't have many memories about things like that.  Don't get me wrong....I enjoy reading about your adventures, but I just can't add much to the conversation.

Here's where I'm going with this:  I'm only going to post when I have something interesting to say, as defined by the majority of readers.  Things like news of the grandkids, or funny things the dog did yesterday, or maybe the odd weather we're having....things like that.  It just seems pointless to continue writing about topics only some intern at a Washington think tank would read, and only then because he was told he had to.

So please, continue to write, and I'll continue to read and comment, but I'll be coasting here, at least for a while.  :)



  1. If I lived in Texas I probably wouldn't care much about pro football this year either.

    1. HA! I haven't kept up with pro football in Texas since the 1990's. :)

  2. As a builder, I would imagine you've had fascinating experiences trying to please difficult people. Have buyers asked you to do anything unethical? Asked you to add something outrageous to their house? I'd love it if you'd write about those types of stories. Just change the names so you don't get sued.

  3. While I totally understand and support your reasons for feeling as you do, I am sad because I am part of the 1% who feels the same way and derives some sense of normality from reading here.

    Basically, I got to the same place about ten years ago.


  4. I'm part of the 1% as well! I think the idea of a blog is to write what interests you and let the readers find you. I like your banker bashing...I don't always agree with you, but then that would be boring.

    So i vote: Banker bash/ Luke the Wonder Dog/ dinner with K/ car shows/ and grand kids!
    Chatterbox is right, you must have some really good stories from your building days, but the above stuff is ok with me.

    Damn, I wish I was part of that other 1% that everyone is so pissed off at.

  5. Yeah...what Joeh said!

    That said, I do believe that people get busy at times (right now, just before Christmas, is one of those times) that they tend to spend less time on things they usually spend time on. And if a comment requires a lot of thought or some research or careful wordsmithing, it might get skipped rather than written.

    Let's face it, it's a lot quicker to comment "Aaaawww, how cute" on a Lukester story than get into deep thoughts about the gangster bankers. We still loves ya!

  6. Stick with what has been working. We're out here... even though we don't always comment. I'm with Joeh.

  7. Boy, your description of yourself sounds like Mike & me (well except that I can't carry on an intelligent conversation about banking). We only watch baseball & tank battles on TV (at least that's what it seems like). And I never know who the people are on awards shows either.