Wednesday, June 4, 2014


"After years of denying the issue existed, the central government earlier this year accepted that pollution was of genuine concern."

Gotta hand it to those Chi-Coms....nothing gets past 'em!  Now if we could just get our Tea Party-ers to step outside and suck in a couple of lungs-full.

And now President O'bama wants American electric generating plants to switch from using coal to using natural gas.  I can see why the coal producing regions wouldn't be too happy with this, but if you look at the Big Picture, it's probably a good thing.  

Especially now that we can produce all the natural gas we need without having to import any.  Now if we can just figure out how to keep the ground from shaking while we're sucking it out.  :)



  1. Of course people were up in arms about that Obama regulation but really it's only cutting emissions by 30% over 16 years--and knowing big corporations they'll just wait until a Republican is in office and then have those rule scrapped. So it's much ado about nothing--until we're all choking on smog and our clothes are melting from acid rain.

  2. I'm beginning to doubt our ability to look after our own interests in the long run. The earth will continue for many eons to come, with or without humans.

  3. I haven't decided yet if fracking for gas is a good thing and the answer to a lot of our energy problems or if it's an evil, greedy plan by the energy companies that will ruin our drinking water and destroy the property values of the houses in areas where fracking occurs.

    I still think that we haven't explored solar energy enough. Have you heard about solar roadways yet? We, as a nation, need to pursue this! And then not stop there, but keep going...