Monday, June 16, 2014

My kinda weekend

For the first time in a long time I had a very relaxing weekend, start to finish.  No dreaded chores, no funerals to attend, just pleasant things.  On Saturday I went to see grandson Parker play T-ball, and see his sister Blakely, too.  Then later back home I almost fell asleep in my big chair.  (I'm not usually a napper.)


Then I settled in to watch the 24 Hours of Le Mans....well, at least a few hours of it.  How anyone can drive 200+ MPH at night baffles me.  And the mechanics those guys have!  One car had its entire transmission changed in 4 minutes.  My guy takes takes longer than that just to look up "transmission" on his computer.  Audi finished 1-2.  Wonder if I can get me one of these with a back seat and a hatch?  :)

Then Father's Day I visited with all 3 of my daughters.  We're going out for dinner together tomorrow with my 2 kids and their families who live here locally, and my San Antonio daughter and her family will be here in a few weeks for a visit.  And of course I quietly wished my Dad a nice Fathers Day, too.  I'm sure he heard me.  It was a nice day.

The news is dull today, so I won't bore you with any unrequested commentary from me.  (Hold your applause, please.)

When is this World Cup thing going to be over?  More important, how many days until REAL football season starts?

While channel surfing last night I saw a short piece on Jay Leno featured on 60 Minutes.  What a classy guy. 

Finally, I saw on The Presurfer this morning that Kan-yee West says he is the most influential artist of our time, that he's the modern Shakespeare, etc.  Really?  (No Yee-Aren't.)  I'm still trying to figure out what his talent is.

Back to work today.  I'm covering for bro this week while he troops around the Alps.  Y'all have a good week.  :)



  1. You have not got this retirement thing figured out well at all!

    Sounds like a very good weekend though.

  2. Sounds like a relaxing weekend for sure. Hard not to do commentary with everything going on in the good ol' Persian Gulf. Maybe we'll get your take on it later in the week.

  3. I had a relaxing weekend too - it's nice, isn't it?

  4. Other than some lawn-mowing chores on Saturday morning (yes, I thought of you and your aversion to mowing :-)), my weekend sounded a lot like yours. Lazy and relaxing, but I did have a nap.

  5. I'm sure your brother appreciates you taking over so he can climb the Alps.

    1. He's not climbing the Alps....he's staring at them. Brother-in-Law is more of a sitting and staring kind a guy

  6. That last comment by Stephen has me thinking about a nap.

  7. It’s really amazing how those racers are able to drive so fast at night. I think the real secret is constant practice and highly prepared racing cars. We all know that manufacturers do market very promising cars for racing. It’s just waiting for a well-trained driver to hit the racetrack. :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru