Friday, June 20, 2014

The dog days of summer....except it's not even summer yet.

 I keep hearing Colorado calling my name.

I'm NOT ready for this.  It's barely mid-June and the temps here in Dallas are already nipping at 100 degrees.  And worse, the humidity is awful, too.  Some say it's too hot too soon, before people have become "acclimatized".  I think that's just some flowery BS to make us think it won't be that bad this summer.  OK, I was born at night, but not last night.  I don't buy this "varying degrees of misery" theory.  

Is the weather in our part of the planet just off-the-scale screwy or is it a case of everyone having a camera phone and access to You Tube?  The lead story on the news every day is tornadoes in the mid-west, mudslides, with droughts and floods at the same time.  Are we just hearing more about something that's been going on forever?

All I know is if I want to do anything outside I have to be out at first light, even though you can already cut the humid air with a knife.  Every afternoon this week we've had a 20% chance of rain.  So far we've only been sprinkled on.  Grrr!  Mother Nature's a bitch, you know that?  I'd rather be wet with fresh rain than sweat.  Come on, rain already!

Which leads to my next dilemma.  Bro will be back from vacation any day now so I can again return to "semi" retirement.  Except sitting at home in my humble abode (kept so cool my nose hairs freeze) is bo-ring.  What I'd give to live somewhere the daytime temps plateau at around 72.  With a low cost of living (which sorta eliminates Colorado).  And good Mexican food.  Is that asking too much?

Maybe it's time to buy a couple of lottery tickets.  If I win we're going straight from the lottery office to the airport, where we're boarding a plane for....?  Help me out here.  Where?
Have a great weekend.  Stay cool.  :)



  1. I like this picture! Don't think I have seen it before. vote....HAWAII!!!

    1. Hawaii has a low cost of living??

  2. There's really nowhere that has perfect weather all the time. Maybe you should do the snowbird thing and go somewhere less oppressive in the summer and return to Texas in the fall/winter. All I know is I do not want to go through another winter like this last one.

  3. The Cranky's are on their way to such a place for 3 weeks. The Glorious Jersey Shore!!
    Stop by if you are in the area.

  4. There are bargains in Colorado. Not in Vail or Aspen, but try Bailey.

  5. Try the Bahamas. Fun place.

  6. The mountains of Colorado or Wyoming are about the only escape.

  7. Not Ohio - we were in the upper 80s this week. But we've got good cost of living & there's one really good Mexican restaurant here in town :)

  8. Great picture of you. Try Belize or The Dominican Republic. Both speak English, love Americans and are very pretty.

  9. Love your picture.

    You have NO right to complain about high humidity while we have fish floating around the air!